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If Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder We Are Using The Wrong Measuring Device (Or - Why We Would Learn A Lot More If We Measured "Beauty" From The Inside!!!)
Society judges people really harshly when it comes to ideas of "beauty".

How many times have you found yourself being bombarded by the latest ideas in Physical "beauty" - either by the Media or in discussions with your friends???

Dye your hair!
Wear the latest trendy fashions - whether or not (a) they suit you or (b) you feel comfortable wearing them!!!
Do you lack confidence???  If so, have as much Plastic Surgery as it takes to make you feel fantastic!!!  (Just don't blame us if you get into thousands of pounds worth of debt and you still feel unhappy!!!)

Kristyna Myles got it right with the following lyrics from "Wanna Wear Black";-

"What's on the outside - That's overrated.  What's on the inside - That's understated!"

I am now going to introduce you to one of the most gorgeous men I have ever met.

This photograph is next to my computer in my office watching over me every time I type a blog post.

Before you decide I need to get my eyes tested I suggest you read on.

The man in the photograph may not match Society's idea of gorgeousness when it comes to how he looks physically but - given a choice between the opportunity to spend time with Society's idea of a gorgeous man and the opportunity to still be able to spend time with him - I would choose spending time with him every time.


Well, he was kind, generous with his time, full of fun and laughter, quiet (as someone said at his funeral "he never said two words when one would do"), honest, strong in spirit - oh and he was the bright spark who found a useful way to help me with my handwriting when I was little.

I suppose you could say I am biased for many reasons.  The major one being that this is the first photograph I have put on here which shows any of my relatives.  (I was looking for my favourite photo of him but I think it made its way to my Dad's house.)

Allow me to introduce you to William Poultney, and his wife, Hazel, aka my English Grandparents.

(I would have asked them for their permission to put this photo on my blog but you could say they are both "terminally unavailable" - My Granddad died in 1992 and my Grandma died in 2013.)

The biggest thing my Grandparents (including Oma) and my parents have taught me is that confidence and beauty come from within.

If you have ever seen me you will realise that I am what you might call "no oil painting" to look at.  Most of the time this doesn't bother me.

I know some people who Society would classify as drop dead gorgeous when it comes to physical beauty.  At least two of my friends could become professional models if they chose to.

However, I judge people by what is on the inside (as in how they treat their friends and strangers).

You can be the most beautiful person in the world to look at but - if you have a "scruffy" soul (as in you don't treat people with respect, you look out for "number one" at all costs, etc) - you are not likely to make it on to my list of truly gorgeous people.

I admit - a pair of blue eyes I can swim in (or even a pair of eyes the colour of melted chocolate), yellowy ginger (preferably curly) hair, either a Dutch or Glaswegian accent, and/or being over 6' tall, would work in your favour as far as my idea of a physically gorgeous man is concerned.  However, you would have to be kind, compassionate, generous with your time, honest, patient, and above all have a dry sense of humour.

Society needs to rethink its idea of beauty - instead of it being in the eye of the beholder maybe it should be in the soul of the person being beheld!!!

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