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Good Times, Bad Times (Or - How Alarmingly Easy It Is To Slip From One To The Other Without Anybody Noticing Or Caring)
As I was thinking about typng this blog post I had three songs playing in my brain.  They were all by Richie Sambora and they covered roughly the same theme in varying ways.  I will insert them at different points in this blog post.

However, then one of my friends from Facebook reminded me of the song which is actually the most appropriate for this blog post.  (I honestly never thought I would type any lyrics to the theme song of a soap in my blog posts - oh well - there is a first time for everything I suppose!)

www.youtube.com/watch The first song on the playlist for this blog post is not actually the first song which came into my head as I was thinking of typing this blog post.  "Fallen From Graceland" was actually the second song which came into my head.  The first lyrics of "There's a line that you cross when you find out that you've lost. When your world is closing in and it crawls under your skin" are almost exactly what came into my brain when I read the heartbreaking account of what has been happening to James Patrick recently.

You may remember James as being the whistleblower about the Police's manipulation of Crime figures in the UK.  He lost his job as a result (I think he resigned before they got the chance to sack him for Gross Misconduct).

Now he is in an awful situation where he is literally destitute.

James is an "Inspirational Person" to me because he has always stood up for what he believes in, he won't take "No" for an answer, and he is a stubborn fighter.  He is also using his Twitter account to educate people about the circumstances he finds himself in - as well as  - more importantly - how people can help others in a similar situation.

I told James that I was not going to nick his blog post - but I was honestly so impressed by his dignity and courage in speaking out that I wanted to do something to help him in my own way.

If you have read Inkyworld you will know that I am passionate about vulnerable and Disabled people - as well as fighting the injustices we face.

The problem seems to be that too many people are too willing to either look the other way or throw out uncalled for abuse at the victims without bothering to learn the full story first.

This can be applied to Poverty, Unemployment, Disability, Homelessness, etc.

Have we really become a world where there are two answers to every problem society faces - either signing an online petition (which takes you approximately 6 seconds to do and 1 second to forget about it) or the adverts where you are informed that "£5 a month will irradicate the current crisis in a part of the globe you had never heard of before it made the news???

Of course - the other option is to ignore the situation completely and continue with your life.

www.youtube.com/watch This song is "Harlem Rain" by Richie Sambora.  This comes into my mind every time I hear or read about people who have fallen on hard times for whatever reason.  "Another shattered soul in the Lost and Found.  One more night on the streets of pain - getting washed away by the Harlem Rain".

There is another way to make the situation easier for those of us who find ourselves as "Outcasts in Society".  Obviously - the best way to make the situation easier for us is to create a society which doesn't actually have "Outcasts" in it.

The best way to help us is to educate yourself about our own situations.  We all have a different story - mine is very different from James' - but our stories all have the same theme running through them.  The theme being "if you don't fit in you will be ignored".

The scond best thing is to actually go out of your way to help people who are on the outskirts of society.  I don't just mean by signing a flipping petition, or putting money in a charity tin (or even giving you bank details to some chugger) - I mean by doing something practical and using your talents and time.  Throwing a tin in a box marked "Food for the Poor" is something you can do if you want to remain at arms length from the situation and walk around in a state of emotional blindness.  Actually giving your time to helping at a place where the vulnerable are found - and spending time talking to them and learning about their lives - is a lot more useful both for you and for them.

As a Society we seem to have become more self-serving as the years have progressed.  I very much doubt you would get an event like "Live Aid" with as big an attendance as there was in 1986.  Charity singles these days have to either be almost vomit-inducing in their saccharine-sweetness or by a very famous group or artist in order to get anywhere.  (The best charity single I have ever come across was neither vomit-inducing nor by a very famous artist - however, the lyrics were the most heartfelt I have ever heard.  The song was the "If" song by Kristyna Myles in support of a Christian charity called "Tearfund".  www.youtube.com/watch.)

The final song of the trio by Richie Sambora actually was the first song which came into my mind as I was thinking about this blog post.  "Hard Times Come Easy" is actually one of my favourite songs by him (in fact I think it has made an appearance in a previous blog post).  To save me quoting the entire song at you just watch the video www.youtube.com/watch.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record - it takes all of us to make a difference in our world.  As in - it takes our time and our resources, as well as our reserves of patience and strength (both mental and physical).

You know the charities I am proud to support - you also know some of the challenges I face on a daily basis.

This may sound crazy but this blog appears to have turned into my way of using my talents to educate people about the issues I care about - as well as telling you a bit about the work I and other people do to help in other ways.

I started this blog post by telling you I had three songs by Richie Sambora in my mind as I was thinking about this blog post - as well as the theme song to a soap.  What I didn't say was the soap is not "Neighbours" or "Home and Away" (the only English-speaking soaps to have lyrics to their theme tunes).  The soap is one I have very rarely seen snippets of when I was flicking through the TV channels in Holland.  "Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden" (Or "Good Times Bad Times" in English) could be considered to be the Dutch version of "EastEnders" or "Neighbours".

The theme song is the most uplifting song I have heard as a theme tune.

Unfortunately I cannot translate all the lyrics properly.  However, I can give you the gist of them.

The time for uncaredforness has passed.
The long road to tomorrow starts today.
Dreams come free like a butterfly.
No longer hidden in security.


Good Times Bad Times
A day that appears as night.
Good Times Bad Times.
Love leads you to the end.
Good Times Bad Times.
No - it doesn't save your life.
Good Times Bad Times.
Sometimes happiness and sometimes disappointment.

The ideal is gradually approaching.
But it explodes when you want to catch it.
Create new opportunities to make you happy again.
Never will there ever be an end to that desire.

Repeat Chorus

Adversity brings shade to happiness.
But you know the best is still to come.
Your courage and your confidence will not fail.
Life can really ressemble your dreams.

Repeat Chorus.

(If you really want to hear the original theme song sung in Dutch try this www.youtube.com/watch.)

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