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You Know You Have Found True Inspiration When Every Word From Someone Feels Like A BIG HUG!!!
I have to admit that it is not that easy to stun me into near speechlessness merely through saying really nice things about me which I honestly feel I don't deserve.  Today's "Inspirational Person" has managed to do that twice in reasonably quick succession.

Although I have never actually met Demetra Olliver (better known to me as @DemeMummy from Twitter) she has inspired me with her kindness, her generousity with her comments and compliments, and her friendship.  Oh - and the fact she seems to know what I am rambling on about even if I haven't got a clue when I start typing.

I honestly feel she deserves the compliment she paid me in her first answer to be reflected back to her with the biggest mirror I can find!

Anyway - enough of my waffling - I will let her speak;

1)        Let's start by you telling the readers of this blog in your own words how you know me.

I met the lovely Inky via twitter. I was immediately drawn to her because she spoke words of truth in plain, simplistic, straight-forward terms.  And she sent me lots of hugs. I feel the energy from virtual hugs in the way that I feel physical hugs. They make me feel protected, loved and cherished and most of all accepted. They are the best form of defence against the cruelties of this world and enable me to face each day with a smile and positive thoughts. I’m also learning more about Ineke through her blogs and they are a revelation! To know that she has faced so many difficulties and yet come through them with her sense of humour intact. I find her articulate and honest. Funny how she’s writing about inspirational people when she herself is one of the inspirational people in my own life.


2)        As this is about "Inspirational People" can you please tell me three people in your life who have inspired you and how they have done so (they can be teachers, colleagues, friends, etc)?

 My three sisters inspire me, for many reasons. They were brought up differently to me, much more sheltered and protected (my sisters would change those words to “given no freedom whatsoever”). When we came to England, I was only 6 years old and picked up the language really easily (I had a lot of things really easy in general compared to them) but they were teenagers. In spite of that, they worked really hard, not only picking up the language but doing incredibly well in school and all three of them went to excellent universities, including Warwick and Oxford. They have been brave and travelled. (I have to gear myself up to use the tube!) One lived in Spain for many years and then Gibraltar. The other studied in Madrid and Moscow, worked in Greece and now lives in Cyprus. Despite many hardships that they have endured throughout their lives (one of them is disabled and the other two have health issues) they always have time to support others. All three qualified as teachers and one is also a holistic practitioner. Whether they heal with their hands or their words, what you feel from all three of them most strongly is their love. It emanates from them and gently wraps round them and the person they are talking to, feeding and healing the person’s heart. They are gentle, caring, supportive and loving. It feels like such an incredible privilege to be their little sister.

3)        What qualities do you look for in a friend?

I look for gentleness and fun. Someone with whom I could speak and listen to for hours and never get bored in their company. Someone who accepts me the way I am and doesn’t criticize me but encourages me to spread my wings and helps me to question how I view the world. Someone who educates me by sharing their life experiences and teaches me how to deal with life. I view it as a true privilege when someone opens up to me about their experiences and their feelings and also encourages me to speak about mine.


4)        How would your other friends describe you?

 My friends would describe me as “Mummy”. They know I’m always there for them if they need me. My family would describe me as a “feeder”. I love to take care of people and to me, sharing food is a way of sharing love. I suspect they would also describe me as a bit of a fruit-loop. My son affectionately calls me a “special child” and if truth be known, I love that.


5)        Finally, please tell me something about you that I don't already know (please make sure it is something you don't mind sharing with the rest of the world)?

It’s taken me 49 years of my life to finally accept and like myself the way I am. I still have moments of doubt but the amazing people that I have come into contact with, whether that be physical contact or virtual contact via twitter, have helped me overcome so many personal demons. I’m still in the process of discovering who I am and learning my place in this world but it’s a journey I am finally enjoying.


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