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Philosophical Friday (Or - When I Felt Like I Had Gatecrashed Someone Else's Blog In Real Life)
Maybe I should start this blog post by explaining how I arrived at the title.  The trouble is - I am not exactly sure about that.

Have you ever had a conversation with three people (in a group) which you thought would make a perfect blog post for someone else to write - and you know the exact person who could write it???

The Social Media Cafe had wound down to the point where the four of us were almost the only ones in the building.  I am not going to name the other three humans (they will know who they are) but the subject started at one of the other three talking about the possiblity of doing an article on another one - then it quickly (in a roundabout way) got to the subject of "how to keep yourself going so you can face your challenges".

Part of me wished that one of my favourite "Human Library Books" was present so he could do his Brainiac bit - and break it down for me to translate properly for myself.

Then my brain switched itself to "Inky-mode".  Warning - if it does that anything - and I do mean anything - can happen.

In this instance - my brain whirred and started strange calculations.  Then it decided to give me a private summary of its conclusions.  Namely - "Do you realise you have just taken part in as near as possible to a real life 'Filosfy on Friday' blog post - and you haven't immediately started to run for the hills???"  (To find out about this phemomenon please click here frothyfilosofy.wordpress.com/ and scroll down to a Friday blog post.)

I would like to finish this by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  However - I would also like to extend one further wish in your direction.  My wish is that you find some way to take some time out to reconnect with yourself - it can be by blogging, writing, exercising, singing, etc - but we all need to take a break from this crazy world we live in every so often and recharge our batteries.

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