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Five Stars For "Five Guys" (Or - A Fastfood Restaurant Which Didn't Supply A Fast Headache With My Order!)
Before I begin this review I would like to show you the effect that walking into places like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc, has on my eyes and my brain.

(My thanks to Derek Lee for permission to use the photographs in this blog post)

You are correct - it is a circular saw which appears to be unguarded

You may think this is an exaggeration - unfortunately, if anything it is an understatement.

Fluorescent lights, coupled with backlit menus stuck on walls at least 6 feet away from the counter (behind it), and furniture which is either too cluttered to be useful or screwed to the floor so you cannot move it, are not exactly my idea of fun.

I have even barred myself from McDonalds since they installed those "Self-Service" screens in their establishments.  This is only because I wanted to smash one to smithereens the first and last time I looked at it.  The screen is too big, too bright, and the font is way too small.  That is before you try to convince me that paying for my food using a Debit Card is easier than feeding coins into a machine.  (Less chance of fraud if you use coins.)

Here now follows a picture of how the "Five Guys" restaraunt on High Street in Leicester, made me feel;

That's more like it - soothing water

OK - so the food was slightly more expensive than I expected it to be.  But at least you could choose your own toppings for your burger (the Brooklyn Beer is not bad either).  Oh - and you had a choice between salted fries and "Cajun" fries - these were more like proper chips of the kind you would get from somewere like "Awesome Chips" (outside the Haymarket on Belgrave Gate in Leicester) than the excuse for chips served up by most fastfood places.

However, the food wasn't what made me like the place.

It was a Tuesday evening and I was hungry enough to put my eyes and brain through the pain barrier if it meant me getting something to eat.  I was on my way home from Market Harborough at the time (I used the break between two buses as a chance to have a meal).

I had walked past the "Five Guys" restaurant a few times before and dismissed it as liable to be the same as the other Fastfood outlets selling burgers, etc.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a nicely lit building with adequately spaced furniture so I could carry my tray to my table.

However, that was not the best bit.

I was fully prepared to ask the server behind the counter to read the menu to me (as I could tell I was about to go into "shutdown" mode) when I happened to glance at the counter.

I was amazed to see small (A5 or A6 size) peices of paper on the counter.  I picked one up - fully expecting it to be a flyer for an offer or something like that.

OK - so the font was slightly smaller than I would ideally have liked it to be but the piece of paper turned out to be not unlike the Holy Grail when it comes to nearly every single cafe and Fastfood restaurant I have been in.

Ladies and Gentlemen - brace yourselves - "Five Guys" actually has a menu on the counter which you can pick up and read for yourself.  Correction - it has a pile of them.

Another nice touch was the area where you collected your order.  This was away from the ordering area - saves people getting crushed and tempers getting frayed when parts of orders are delayed.

If I have one complaint - and it is a minor niggle - I was not too keen on the Argos-style food collection system.  What I mean is that your receipt had a number on it which corresponded to your order.  You had to wait for your number to be called before you got your food.

Apart from that minor niggle I enjoyed the experience - which was made all the better by not feeling like I had to rush to finish my drink after I had finished eating.

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