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Bitsy Von Muffling - Bitsy's Emporium
There are times - Dear Reader - when I set myself an almost impossible challenge.

Four words - Salted, Caramel, Layer, Cake.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of photos with this blog post.  I was too busy trying to resist eating the rest of the above cake (which I had munched my way through a delicious slice of) to bother getting my phone out and taking photographs of Bitsy's wonderful goodies.

In fact, there is only one problem with blogging about food.  Sure, you can take as many photographs of it as you want to but how do you describe the gorgeous texture of the cake, the oozing caramel topping, and the divine taste of it???

There is only one thing for it - you will either have to go to the "Open Air Stall" that Bitsy has got on Cank Street in Leicester, on Saturdays, and sample it for yourself, or - visit her website at:  www.bitsysemporium.com/

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