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What Makes A Memorable Human??? (Or The Day The Mere Existence Of One Of My Friends Made A Charity Richer)
Here is a crazy question for you - have you ever donated (or offered to donate) money to a charity just because the person asking you reminds you of one of your friends???

(And when I say "reminds you of one of your friends" I mean could pass for the identical twin of the friend in question - if they actually had one.)

That is exactly what happened to me yesterday afternoon.  I must admit that when I walked into St Margarets Bus Station I was extremely angry with myself because I was supposed to be in Lutterworth at that point  - however, there is a very long story attached to that involving buses not stopping where I thought they were going to.  (Let's just say that I thought I could get a bus from Fosse Park to Lutterworth - completely forgetting the bus doesn't actually stop in Fosse Park any more - and I missed it.  Then when I was waiting for a bus into Leicester to get me to a bus to Lutterworth I saw a quicker bus back to where I had come from sail past me across the road.)

Anyway - I was wishing I could have a go at one of my friends (just to calm me down, you understand) when I walked into St Margarets Bus Station and almost collided with the person I mentioned above.

This got me wondering what makes people memorable.  Forget appearance, etc, for a minute.  What about certain humans makes them stick in our brains as easily as they do???

As in - when you are in a certain situation - your thoughts might automatically turn to one particular person before anything else happens.  The person could be dead or alive but maybe you just want them to experience it with you - or even worse - they are the only person you know who you would trust to get you out of that situation.

It usually happens that the people you have had the most arguments with are the people you trust the most - after all they are the ones who have seen you at your worst.

I am really intrigued by this idea.  Any ideas out there???

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