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"Paint A Brighter Day" - The New Masterpiece By Kristyna Myles
I want to take this opportunity to thank the Czech Painters for allowing the UK to "borrow" one of their number.  This one uses words and music to paint such vibrant pictures that they could almost be painted on canvas and sold for millions of pounds at Christies or Sotherby's auction house.

Actually - I am not entirely sure that the album which is the subject of this review is by Kristyna Myles at all - the name matches, same as the photograph on the cover, the voice sounds familiar in places too.  However, the artistry and the emotional rollercoaster ride I have just been on are something I would more expect from someone like Celine Dion, Dolly Parton (I am thinking of the original of "I Will Always Love You" in this instance), Patsy Cline, Diana Ross, or one of the earlier "Diva-type" singers from yesteryear.

The opening song "New Page (Interlude)" is a little amuse-bouche for your ears - and it really left me wanting more of that song.  By the power vested in Kristyna she is now going to take you on an emotional journey which will leave you feeling like you can take on the world and win.

Next we have "I'm Getting Rid Of This".  This is an upbeat song about finally realising you are in a toxic relationship and getting up the courage to leave.  My favourite line of the song has to be one of my favourite lines of the entire album - "Would you treat your Mother like that???  I don't think so".

Next we have "Heaven Knows" - This is a slightly jazzy song.  It is about not giving up because you never know what is round the corner.

"Drop Me A Line" is one of the more clever songs lyrically.  It has a twist in the tail.  She starts off sounding like it is a follow up to "Setback" from "Pinch Me Quick".  It is only in the last few lines that you realise that it is one of the songs where she is talking about God and how prayer can help.

"Autumn" could almost be a slow dance ballad.  She is singing about the season of Autumn and how much she loves it.  It is so convincing that I think even those who start off (for some strange reason) not liking autumn very much will end up liking the season.

Next we have "It's Not About You" - this song contains the title of the album as part of it's lyrics.  A slower soul-type song which matches the lyrics.  If you ask me I can think of several people in the Public eye who should really listen very carefully to and pay very close attention to the lyrics of this song.

Next we speed up slightly for "I Guess I'll Never Know" - I think this could be a contender for a theme to a "James Bond" film.  I could honestly imagine this being played with the band being replaced by an orchestra (just think "Goldfinger" but with a much gentler singing style and you will get the picture).

"A Change Is Gonna Come" heralds it's own arrival with a switch to a country-style tune.  I am not really a very big fan of out and out country music so it may surprise you to learn that this is my favourite song on the entire album - just because it is so chirpy and upbeat.

Next we have some pure - unadulterated Kristyna in ballad mode.  "Garment of Shame" could even melt the hardest of hearts - just through the heart-wrenching emotion she uses her voice to show.

"Halfway" is actually the last but one track on the album.  Here we have a Kristyna who wants to compromise with you in an argument.  This one is a kind of mix between Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" and "Chain Reaction" by Diana Ross when it comes to the mix of emotion in the lyrics.

We finish the emotional rollercoaster ride with "Heavy On My Soul".  This song is more upbeat and danceable to than the title may suggest.  In fact, it is about the joy Kristyna finds in her faith.

All in all I think this album is a complete work of art.  I also feel honoured to have been able to be part of the journey of making it through pledging through her Pledgemusic campaign to raise funds to record the album.

One thing I want to finish off with is that if anybody tells me I am even a quarter as talented at writing on my small - insignificant - blog as Kristyna Myles is at writing and performing such amazing songs I will be a very happy blogger indeed.  (If, on the other hand, they try to tell me that I am equally as talented as Ms Myles I will politely but firmly ask them to reconsider their opinion because I honestly do not think I an anywhere near as talented as her.)

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