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Blurred Views Are Sometimes The Most Interesting (Or - How To Turn The Ordinary Into Something Strangely Beautiful)
Have you ever had a totally crazy idea and - after you attempted to explain to another person what you wanted to do (because you wanted their help) - you thought the concept would never get off the ground because you didn't think anybody would understand what you actually wanted to do???  Never mind why you wanted to do it???

My latest crazy idea started because I wanted to take a photo of my foot and put it on my blog.  I am sure you have seen enough feet not to be interested in mine but this was supposed to be a photo with a difference.

I wanted an extremely blurred photo of my foot.  This was so I could show you what my foot looked like without my glasses on.

Unfortunately, my camera seemed to object to the idea of taking out of focus photographs of anything - let alone my own foot.  (It is one of those Digital Point and Shoot things which theoretically have settings I can tweak but it nearly got thrown through a window

So I texted the nearest person I know to a Professional Photographer who has the capabilities to understand "Ink-code" and asked for his help.  I didn't quite know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised when Derek Lee sent me two photos (one "normal" and one blurred) which summed up exactly what I wanted to show you.

What do you think this is a photo of?  (The colours may give you a clue.)

Here is where you get a crash course in finding out what blurs are without touch.

First thing first - find out if it looks potentially painful.  This can also tell you how far away from it you are.  (The closer I am to something without my glasses on the more solid it appears.)

In this example - the very top of the purple colour looks the most fluffy.  This tells me that the chances of the top being nice and soft are reasonably high.

The parts which look the most potentially painful are the bits at the lower front.  Look at the white-ish colour with the purple-ish, and green-ish bit in front of the upper bit of the brown mass.  That looks like it could cause problems.  As for the brown mass itself - the front bit looks like it could be solid.  The gradient of colour on the brown mass suggests it may not have edges at the side.  (Edges do disappear without my glasses but - in certain lighting conditions - I can differentiate between a "sharp" side and a neverending sweep.)

So - what have I worked out so far???

There is a very good chance that the very top of the object will not cause me any injury if I touch it.

The brown part of the object looks like it is potentially painful.

The most worrying thing is the blur right at the front near the top of the brown mass.

Now - if I was standing in front of this object - I might have a very good idea what I might be looking at based on the fact that my Mum had hundreds of them in her house.  This means that I would use both hands to make one final check.

My memory banks have just informed me that I am dealing with some form of plantpot (told you - Mum had hundreds of them - I could identify one of those with my eyes shut, never mind with my glasses off).  which means the strange blurs at the top are probably flowers.

Question is - how heavy is the plant pot???  This is where two hands come in useful - both to check the size (and weight) of the thing and to finally work out if the unknown blur is part of the pot or something else entirely.

Let's see if I am correct.

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