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From Small Acorns Grow Bonsai Trees (Or - Praise From A Rather Unexpected Source Puzzled Me)
I must admit I got rather a lot of nice comments about how appropriate the tshirt I was wearing yesterday was for the "Choice Unlimited" Roadshow.

But I have to admit the best compliment I recieved was not on what I wore - it was about something I had written.  Not only that but it was a post on this very blog. I found that out by sheer coincidence.

What happened was - I had been walking around the stalls at the roadshow, offering to give different organisations write ups, when I came to a stall run by DEAP (an organisation set up to empower disabled people when it comes to navigating their way through the world).  The gentleman I spoke to obviously didn't realise we had communicated before through his work as a City Councillor.

Anyway - I told him that I have a blog, etc.  When he had found a pen and paper I told him the address of this website.  His next words stunned me - "Where do I know that web address from?  I am sure I have seen it somewhere."

A search through his memorybank revealed that one of his colleagues at DEAP had printed my post about Physical Disability, Mental Health, and Cyberbullying off and waved it under his nose.  I was stunned when he said it was a good article.

(On my way home yesterday evening I got myself a Chinese takeaway.  I got two Fortune Cookies as part of it - in the order I opened them they said, "You will be honoured soon by somene you respect." and, "Determination with get you through this.".

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