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I Have Seen The Future And It Is Idiotproof (Or - The Day I Fell In Love With A Mobile Phone - Of All Things)
On Thursday I was walking around in the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester.  (Other Shopping Centres are available.  My personal favourite one is the Oosterhof - Sorry - Alexandrium - on the outskirts of Rotterdam.)

As I was walking around an advertisement in the Three Store caught my eye.  It was advertising a mobile phone which is exclusive to that network.  Now - I am on that network already, so I decided to investigate further.

The mobile in question is an Honor 6 from Huawei (the people behind the HTC brand).

I suppose it would better be described as a "Phablet" (a cross between a mobile phone and a tablet) as it is bigger than a standard mobile phone.

Homescreen set up to my requirements

I have to admit I am slightly more fussy about the capabilities of a mobile phone than other people might be - this is partially due to my sight and partially due to the fact I hate having to delve into the phone to find the apps and features I require.

My previous favourite phone (which I have owned) put in for its P45 a few weeks back.  That was an LG G3 - all singing, all dancing (except for two features I discovered on the Honor 6 after I had bought it - more about those as we go on).  However - I should have remembered my last experience with an LG mobile phone - I had had an LG Viewty a few years ago and that died quicker than I had been expecting it to as well.

I had read reviews of the Samsung S5 and decided to give that a try.  To say that me an it did not get on is an understatement.  The three fatal flaws in it (as far as I was concerned anyway) were not being able to put the Apps in groups on the Homescreen, Not being able to set up the email so I could access my emails from my Tiscali email account (Samsung do not do Tiscali), and not being able to access the Wifi in the Phoenix in Leicester (told me the Wifi was unsafe and forced me to go back - when I had previously accessed it on both my Samsung Tablet, and my LG G3 mobile phone).

I admit I haven't tried to access public Wifi on the Honor 6 yet - time will tell about that.

So - what about the Honor 6???

Well, it is on the Android 4.4.2 Operating System - but don't let this put you off.  It seems to be better than Android 5.0 (I refuse to call it "Lollipop") although I am expecting it to be upgraded at some point.

There is one major difference between the Honor 6 and every other Android mobile phone I have seen and owned.  The Apps are on the Homescreen (as you would see on an iPhone) so no scrabbling around looking for the icon to get you to the Menu screen.

It is very easy to put the Apps into groups on the Honor 6.

The memory on the mobile phone I got is 32GB built in (upgradeable by inserting a memory card).

You can either use two SIM cards (from different networks) or one SIM card and one memory card.  The slots are on the side of the phone so you don't need to remove the back cover.

The Honor 6 is a sealed unit phone (except for the socket for the earphones and the socket for the power charger - this is the only thing I actually liked about the Samsung S5, having a cover for the charger socket).

The screen is bright with easily readable (and adjustable) font sizes.  This is the first thing I look for in a screen which I am expected to access information from.

The Google Keyboard is white on black as default - easier on my eyes.

The Notification panel at the top of the screen is easy to read and the drop down menu (which shows you what the notifications are trying to alert you to) is the clearest I have come across on any mobile phone.

Remember I mentioned there were two extra functions which were not on the LG G3???

These two were a pleasant surprise when I found them hidden away in the menu as they are the two things which someone like me could find most useful on a mobile phone - even more useful than the ability to make phone calls and send tweets and texts (that may be an exaggeration but it is not much of one).

The most useful was the torch - yes, I did say torch.  Unfortunately, most mobile phone manufacturers seem to have decided that the last thing anybody needs on a phone is a torch.  This means that you need to go to the App store for the Operating System for your mobile and risk getting a virus or phishing malwear downloaded onto your phone when you most need a torch.  The Honor 6 has the best torch I have seen on a mobile phone - it is as bright as a car headlight.

The other function I found which I was pleasantly surprised about was the Magnifier.  Whilst this is not adjustable for magnification purposes I still think it is a useful tool.

Three cameras finish this brilliant masterpiece off.  We have one front facing camera (so you can take selfies with it, use it for video calls, or use the Mirror App) and two cameras at the back.  I am still a bit confused by this but apparently one is for "normal" views and the other one is for panoramic shots.

Oh - there is one thing I forgot to mention.  The sound quality from the Music App is extremely good (pity the headphones supplied with the phone don't match it).  In fact, the sound quality is good full stop, music, digital radio (you have to download the App separately yourself), or phonecalls.

If I had my way this mobile phone would be on all networks.  At nearly half the price I paid for the Samsung S5 you get a much better phone.

I cannot compare the Honor 6 to an iPhone merely because the couple of times I was forced to use an iPhone I ended up wishing I could throw it into the nearest river.  Unfortunately I was forced, through politeness and respect, to return them to their owners.

(Please note - this review is my genuine opinion and I have not recieved any payment or bribe for it.)

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