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After The Election We Have The Ongoing Postmortem (Or - Please No More About The Election)
I don't know if you realised this but we recently had a General Election.  The preparations for this seem to have started some time during the last Millenium - and I am expecting the postmortem for this one to finish at some point during 3015 at the earliest.

I could bore you with what I liked and didn't like about preparations as well as the characters involved.  However, if I did that we would be arguing about it until the second Doomsday.

So I am going to tell you about three things which occurred to me as I watched the build up, the Election News Broadcasts, and the Postmortems.

The first being I don't think Nicola Sturgeon should have been interviewed on a TV Programme shown in England.  Yes, I agree that as leader of a Political Party who sends MPs to Westminster (even though Sinn Fein have the same idea about Northern Ireland - as in they want Independence - and refuse to send any MPs to Westminster due to a minor problem with swearing allegiance to the Queen) she should have been in the Election Debates, but as a sole interviewee on a TV programme being broadcast in England???  Not unless the BBC would like to interview the Leaders of the Political Parties in other countries where I - as a resident of England - am ineligible to take part in their elections and vote for their candidates.  (Although I would love to see what the BBC would make of a 30 minute interview with Geert Wilders - at least, to my knowledge, no candidate for UKIP has been subjected to a televised trial in a Court of Law as a result of what they said about certain sections of the population in Parliament.)

The next thing which struck me was the total bias shown by certain sections of the media right through the Election campaign.  I am not talking about the Tabloids or the other newspapers either.

The BBC is supposed to be impartial when it comes to Politics.  However, the only day when they actually remembered their duty was Election Day itself.  I was surprised to see that the "Newspaper Review" section of the BBC website (and BBC News App) on Election Day carried a paragraph stating that they legally could not show Front pages which mentioned the Election.  The rest of the time they took great delight in exercising their bias.

As for the Postmortem.  I had the misfortune of deciding to watch the "Election Special" edition of "Question Time".  That was 60 wasted minutes of my life which I will never get back.  I honestly thought they would get the leaders of the Political Parties back and get the audience to fire questions at them.  Instead we had no UKIP representative whatsoever, and a panel mostly comprised of men (there was one woman who I had never heard of before - probably to fulfil BBC's self-imposed quota of female representation) who had been largely absent from the Media during the run up to the Election - all shouting and arguing among themselves.

All in all I feel that the General Election went on for way too long - and the postmortems (of which I fear there will be many) will go on for much loner.

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