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And Its From The Old I Travel To The New (Or New Beginnings And A Fresh Start)
There are times when you have to back out of a situation - especially when it is starting to have the potential to negatively affect your health (as well as the health of the other people involved as a result of what you might say or do).

I am no longer involved with DNO and - to be quite honest - it is a relief to be able to say that.

What started out for me as a bit of a learning experience and an adventure turned into a waiting game which left a bitter taste in my mouth due to the actions of certain individuals who I had supported.

I am not going to go into the exact details of my reasons for leaving on such a public forum (after all, it was only a voluntary position - even though I was hoping it would turn into a job before now).

However, my decision frees me up to write about the issues which interest me the most - which I felt unable to write about before now because they could have conflicted with the stated aims of DNO.

It also leaves me with something of a challenge.  I am determined to start earning money from doing the one thing I love more than anything - raising awareness of issues which you might not have heard about, or putting my spin on things which may make you think differently.  Basically, speaking out for those who have no voices, wherever they might be.

Of course there are issues I am familiar with due to personal experience.  There are other issues I have no personal experience of but I may know a human "library book" who does (and my human "library" covers a wide range of subjects).

Don't worry - I intend to keep rambling on here as well.  I need a Safety Valve after all.

I just need to find someone who thinks I am good at writing and who thinks I would be a useful asset to them.  Any ideas out there???

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