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Why I Fear The Arts Have To Get Crafty (Or How Britain Are Turning Into The Biggest Losers)
Have you noticed how the first things to lose money are the things which actually keep Britain alive (and I don't mean the NHS or the Emergency Services either)???

I read that the BBC have decided to close a fund for aspiring Artists due to lack of money (apparently the money raised from phone votes for programmes like "Strictly Come Dancing" and "The Voice" were put into that fund.

However, it is not just the BBC who are busy closing funds and also closing their doors to aspiring artists.

Every time the Government cuts funding for Councils the Councils seem to go for the easiest option when it comes to saving money.  The Arts and Culture budget always seems to take the first hit - shortly followed by vulnerable people.  Actually, I would say that the vulnerable people are included in the Arts and Culture budget.

If you think about it logically (and I am not usually on very good terms with Logic) - by cutting the Arts and Culture budgets you are also cutting things like Art Therapy for those people with Disabilities and Mental Health issues, support for Jobseekers and people who need to use other online services (not everybody has access to a computer at home, nor can they afford the cost of internet access), hopes and dreams for potential writers (close libraries and where do you expect people who cannot really afford the luxury of books to find inspiration for their next bestseller - or even learn about different styles of writing???), local history and cultural identity (Museums and Art Galleries, etc, are brilliant custodians of our past, present, and future), etc.

We need to preserve our heritage - not just for future generations but also for ourselves.  Without heritage we are unable to function as we should.

As a result of cutting funding for our Arts and Culture, I feel we are making a grave mistake.  I also feel that any attempt to cut the Budget Deficit by causing an Arts and Culture deficit in our country is the biggest mistake anyone could make.  I have tried to show how interlinked with the NHS and the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) Arts and Culture really are.  There are other sections of society who suffer as a result of cuts to Arts and Culture, of course, but they are the main two.

A proper, balanced Budget Deficit reduction plan would actually increase spending in these important things.

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