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Respect And Understanding Would Go Far In A Maddening World (Or - Maybe We Should Judge Ourselves Before We Judge Others)
There has been a lot of talking about flags and their various meanings and affiliations recently - mostly negative if you ask me.

We have the furore about the Confederate Flag in the US (although I did read somewhere that the most devisive flag on US soil is actually the Stars and Stripes itself).

We also have the arguments about the ISIS flag being "worn" in London without risk of arrest.

Oh - and we have the Rainbow coloured flag of the LGBT community which I am thinking would not be a welcome sight in Africa or Russia, for example.

Yesterday I was on the hunt for a coffee machine when I saw a picture I just had to buy (I am trying to work out where to put it).  It only cost me £5.00 but I think that £5.00 is worth more than the large amount I ended up paying for the coffee machine (I still have to buy new cups to use with the machine).

(As well as liking the picture  - the original reason for me buying it was because it reminded me of at least five of my friends in different ways - not that I am saying any of them are multi-coloured zebras you understand.)

"Equal Opportunities" Zebra

Closer to home we see evidence of people not respecting each other's differences.  Maybe you have been a victim yourself???

I must admit it is usually either those of us with "hidden" disabilities, Mental Health issues, or who have made lifestyle choices which other people may not undestand who notice it the most and make the biggest fuss about it.  Not forgetting the big race, sex (gender and sexual preference), and religious discrimination issues suffered by people in the world.

(A particular bugbear of mine is how the world is designed for people who would consider themselves "normal" when the best designers would be those of us with sight problems or hearing problems which maybe are not immediately noticeable - that way - maybe we would get some patience and understanding built in to our environment.  As it is I have to remember to be patient with people who think they know what is best for me and cannot be bothered to listen when I point out that what they are suggesting is the worst thing.

If we could all show each other that little bit more understanding - maybe we would go some way towards peace to all mankind.

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