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The Pick And Mix Police Service (Or How I Would Like The Police To Serve Their Public)
We all know that the UK Police Service is underfunded and understaffed - and things are only going to get worse.

So how would I like to see them serve their Public with what they have got left in their "armour"???

First of all (and the most important) is even if they are not immediately visible I would still like them to be accessible.  This can be via any Social Media platform you can think of or in person.

In fact, I would put a stop to all the "corporate" Police Accounts from all the different forces (in fact I would scrap the "force" structure and treat all Police officers the same no matter what rank they are - if they look like they are frightened of the public I would send them out on patrol).

The next two things I would get rid of are the two which would appear to cost the most (and one of them currently makes me feel less safe the more I see it) - Police stations and the majority of Police vehicles.

Police stations are scary places for me.  I have only been in a couple of them.  In fact, had there not been a Police Station near where I used to work I would not have reported a crime which I was a victim of at work (I actually regret reporting it because the offender didn't get the justice I thought he deserved).  They are also big, expensive to run, and hard to get at if you don't drive.  I live almost in the middle between two Police Stations (approximately 10 minutes by car to each one) - However, due to the fact I don't drive, the nearest Police Station which is accessible by Public Transport (7 days a week) is Force Headquarters.

I would also kick most of the Response Officers out of their cars and on to Public Transport.  This would have a double effect - I would feel safer on Public Transport (especially at night) - and they could collect intelligence which they cannot learn about whilst sitting in the security of a Police car.  (With any luck we might even get a cheaper more reliable Public Transport syetem as a result.)

I would also ensure that the public could raise awareness of crimes using the same Social Media platforms as the Police are using to ask for information now.  If I am looking at a Twittercop's profile on Twitter the last thing I expect is to have to dial 999 in case of emergency.  That would be like me standing in front of a Police officer and dialling 999 to report a crime which is happening directly behind him or her.

I would also design a software package so that Police officers can file paperwork regarding criminals quickly and effectively, even when out and about.

I would reinstall the "backup" services which Police used to be able to rely on to help them - nowadays the Police seem to be backing everybody else up.  Go back to an "Emergency" service - instead of being called to, say, a childrens' home where one child escapes due to an argument with staff - who should be qualified to sort out minor quarrels without calling the Police.

Basically - I would like access to officers who care about their public and love their jobs.  What I fear we will end up with is a Poice service which is full of Androids who have lost sight of their vocation.

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