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Sometimes The Distinction Between Men And Women Are Focussing On The Wrong Things (Or - I Know What I Like And My Reasons May Surprise You)
Stop the press and hold the front page - I bought myself a new watch yesterday!!!

Here is a photo of it;

Photo of watch

The observant among you will notice it is most probably what is sold under the label of "men's watch" due to the size of its face.  (Yes, I admit that the numbers are on the small side for me to see but at least it has markers showing where the numbers are.)

So, why did I buy this watch knowing it was sold as a "men's watch"???  Why did I not immediately go and look for a similar version of this watch in the "Women's Watches" section???

The quickest answer is that I wanted an analogue watch and not a bracelet.  (Actually - I wasn't intending to buy a watch at all until I noticed the advert in a shop window.  I liked the watches on the advert so much I decided to investigate and ended up buying the specimen in the photo).  By the way - I own an "Ice" watch with a larger face than that as well - white numbers on black background - (as well as a watch with bright orange numbers on a white face - bought for when Holland play in football matches).

I digress.

There is one problem with watches which are designed for my gender to wear (at least as far as I am concerned) - and this applies to analogue watches more than digital watches (but I have seen digital watches with the same problem).

Ladies are supposed to be small and delicate - especially when it comes to fashion choices (and perfume - but we will get to that in a minute).  Trust me when I say that neither of those words apply to me - I take up space!!!

Seeing as us ladies are supposed to be small and delicate we are usually offered choices in things like jewellery to match this idea.  Which leaves me with a bit of a problem.  I don't mind small earrings, delicate necklaces, or, fragile looking rings (even though my favourite ring which I have ever seen was worn by my Oma - it had a narrow band with a stone which almost went from the bottom of her ring finger to the first knuckle).  Nor do I mind thin bracelets.  But if you are going to attempt to interest me in a watch ask yourself if I will be able to read the numbers on the face - or see the marks where the numbers should be.

I have a name for "Ladies Analogue Watches" - bracelets.  The faces are usually so small that I would need a microscope to read the numbers or see the markings.  (Some of the digital watches for Ladies are not much better either.)

So I have to head to the "Men's" section when I see a watch I like the look of.

One of the drawbacks of my sight I suppose.

But - if larger watches for Ladies are fashionable - why should I still feel like I am committing a sin merely through attempting to buy a watch I can see and use for its intended purpose.

There is a very useful (if slightly strange) comparison I could make.

I wear glasses - yes - I know I am stating the obvious here but bear with me.  There have been fashion trends where glasses have been sold as looking "sexy", and "intelligent".  This has meant that people who do not need glasses have bought frames - stuck plain plastic where the lenses should go - and worn them as a "fashion statement".  This has left me wondering what would happen if someone suddenly decided that hearing aids, plaster casts, crutches, wheelchairs, or having limbs amputated, were the height of fashion???  (You may think I am overreacting here - I probably am - but I feel that things which make people's lives easier should be kept away from the "Fashion Slaves".)

What I am trying to say is that I respect your right to wear glasses even if you don't need them (even though I find it highly offensive) so why on Earth can't people respect my right to wear a watch which is big enough for me to clearly see the face of even if it is sold as a "Men's" watch???  (After all, it is not as though I have got narrow wrists and arms either.)

Remember I said something about the choices us Ladies are subjected to as far as perfume is concerned???

Most of the perfumes which are sold for Ladies is sickly sweet stuff, either that or it smells like an explosion in a flower garden.  In fact, there are only two Ladies' perfumes which I have found recently that I really like.  One of which is "Rush 2" and the other of which is "Icicle" (sorry - I cannot remember who made them).  Both of them are more on the "spicy" side.

If you want my favourite "perfumes" you need to go to - guess where - the "Men's" Department.  I love things like "Rapport" (dark, spicy, earthy), Lynx (especially the chocolate one they had out a few years ago).  Basically, the darker, spicier, and earthier, the better.

I must admit that my all time favourite "perfume" was something I bought by accident several years ago - I don't think they make it any more - the brand was F A Splash.  It was some kind of spray stuff - a bit like the cooling sprays you can get from Boots in heatwaves (other chemists are availabile of course) - but when you sprayed it on it had the sensation of popping candy on your skin.  That had a nice spicy smell to it.

Not all Ladies like delicate stuff - same like not all men like DIY.  We need to respect people's choices - even if we would not choose the same things ourselves.

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