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A "Lucky Dip" With A Difference - (Or Why "City Outlet" Is An Inlet For Fun!)
I don't know if you remember the "Lucky Dip" you used to get at fetes, bazaars, carnivals, etc?  You used to have to put your hand in either a bag or a bucket filled with sand and grab something without knowing what you would get.  Sometimes you would get something really good and others you would get a tacky piece of plastic.

Well, a few months ago I found another sort of "Lucky Dip" - this one came in shop form.

"City Outlet" could be classed as another exercise in Wombling but this one has a kind of fun element attached to it from the old "Lucky Dip" idea.

The shop is located on High Street in Leicester - a double-fronted shop with lots of goodies in it.

Speaking to the owner, James, I learned that the shop apparently sources all its stock from places which have gone bankrupt.  This means the stock frequently changes (so if you do find something you love I would strongly suggest taking a trolley and loading it up).

Because the stock comes from places which have gone bankrupt you can get items a lot cheaper than you would get in other High Street shops - a few days ago I went in and came out with a pair of shoes and a pair of good quality trainers for a total of £10.00.

Where the "Lucky Dip" idea comes in is - "City Outlet" is not the kind of shop to go in if you are looking for something specific at that moment in time - it works best with an open mind.

Another reason I love "City Outlet" is because it is not masquarading as a 'charity' shop - it is merely selling quality items cheaply.

I would definitely recommend "City Outlet" as a good place to visit when you want some entertainment which is easy on your finances.

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