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Privacy, The Truth, And Honour (Or - What I Think About When Writing My Blog Posts)
As you sit reading my ramblings you may have noticed a few things which (I feel) can set me apart a bit from other blogs by various other people and institutions.

I operate a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct when blogging.  Sometimes this Code is stricter than when I speak to people in person for reasons which (hopefully) will become obvious.

You will have noticed that I do not use swearwords on my blog.  It is a public forum where people of all ages can read my ramblings.  Some people do not like reading or hearing bad language so why should I subject them to it (even if I can swear in two languages)???

I stand by every single blog post you read.  If I cannot honestly type what I believe to be the truth as I see it what is the point of blogging???  Don't misunderstand me - I am open to argument and debate (in fact I welcome it with open arms) - just don't expect me to delete a blog post merely on your say so without very good reasons because I won't.

Which brings me on to the following;

I ask your permission for a reason.  When I ask you if I can either type a blog post about something you have said to inspire me or quote you on something I am trying to show respect.  I would rather get permission up front than have you silently fuming until the next time you see me or contact me because I accidentally spilled a secret or aired your private problems in public and caused you distress as a result.  I am happy to hide your identity if you ask me to (as one of you knows already).

I try to steer clear of jargon and acronyms.  (If you really want to know the "ruler" I use to measure the way I write - I pretend I am writing so my Dutch family could read it and understand it. This ensures I don't use English slang without translating it, etc.)

Finally, I try never to say anything out and out negative unless I cannot avoid it.

I hope this has given you a bit of an insight into how I decide what to blog.

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