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How Twitter Is Winning The Media War (Or - If You Want The Truth Behind The Story Please Consult Twitter)
This morning I woke up to find that I have a new Twitter follower who has got me intrigued.  Apparently he is the Editor of "Panorama" (the documentary programme on the BBC).

I have no idea how he found me or why he decided to follow me.

I actually thought it was quite funny in a way.

There is one thing I will never claim to be - a journalist.

I am an unqualified (as in the highest qualification I have in the English Language is a GCSE), unpaid (although I have plans to change this status) Blogger.

To me - a journalist is paid to write - and not necessarily paid to write the truth either.  Correction - most journalists are paid to write a twisted version of the truth.  (I have seen and read some news reports on a certain subject where the truth has been twisted so much it almost turned into an outright lie.)

I was quite amazed last night when another Blogger - who I really admire for their ability to explain the unexplainable about their job in plain English - agreed that I was better than a paid Journalist at telling the truth.  This particular Blogger thinks I am good at writing too.

I do have one question though - if the "Mainstream" Media are required to report "the Truth" why do I now feel like I have to check every single story with the people I follow on Twitter???

Sometimes the "Mainstream" Media fail to report an event merely because it happens in another country - even though the same thing could happen over here

A prime example of this is the Crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn in The Netherlands.  Two cranes which had been moving a bridge into place collapsed causing destruction.  I found out about this on both Twitter and the NOS (Dutch State News) website several hours before the British media heard about it.  This was probably because there were no British people involved.

When it comes to seious subjects like the "Kid's Company" fiasco, the Police cuts, and Britain's place in the world, the British "Mainstream" Media seem to enjoy whipping up hysteria through their version of "reporting".

Even dead politicians are accussed of crimes they are unable to defend themselves against.  Because a few Police Forces have started investigations into Ted Heath's alleged involvement in pedophilia (which I don't think they should have unless they are prepared to exhume his remains and put them on trial in a Court of Law) - certain sections of the "Mainstream" Media have already decided he is guilty.

Please note:  Ted Heath is different from Jimmy Saville because there was provable evidence of Mr Saville's crimes in the public domain before he died.  I still think that the only investigation which should take place when a deceased person is accussed of a crime is to find out why they were not arrested when they were alive.

Not only do the "Mainstream" Media feel they have a God-given right to judge the deceased - they also seem to have decided they have a God-given right to harrass certain sections of the living.

I never thought I would live to see the day when the Police Service was thought of by the "Mainstream" Media in the same way as the Unemployed and the Disabled - as in - good for nothing whingers who are scrounging off the State and complaining for no reason.

I admit that Twitter does have its downsides (Trolls, bullying, abuse, etc) but it is a brilliant place for debate and discussion - as well as learning the real Truth behind the headlines and news reports.

I just wish I could have as much confidence in the "Mainstream" Media.
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