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Keep Going And You Might Just Get Near A Destination - Not Necessarily The One You Thought You Would Arrive At! (Or - Roads And Footpaths Lead In Strange Directions!)
Well, this week I got what you might call three very pleasant surprises - all connected with my blog.

If I have to be honest there have been times during this past year when I have found blogging extremely difficult (to the point of deciding to give it up more than once).

In fact, it is only thanks to a handful of people that you are reading this at all.  I am not going to name them but they know who they are (or, at least, I hope they do).

I could go into the reasons for me wanting to give it up but I don't think there is much point (mostly because I want to try to forget them).

Recently I have had discussions with one person about the possibility of having my own column in a newspaper they seem to be Editor of.  I didn't want to say anything before now in case I jinxed it (or it didn't come off for some reason or another).  However, I am pleased to report that I have had my first column printed in "Choice" newspaper - which is edited and published through LCiL.  I know it is not officially out until next week but I have had a sneak preview of it.

So - that is one bit of good news.

The next two are also connected with my blog in slightly different ways.

Two separate people liked the reviews I typed of their activities ("City Outet" and "The Real Junk Food Project").  Even though I had not been paid for the reviews (I wouldn't have done them if any money had been mentioned) it was nice to feel appreciated.

The biggest shock I got was one which I am still recovering from.

You may remember I typed a blog post last Saturday about LCiL and their "Pop-up" shop???  I wrote about what I thought the idea of the "Pop-Up" shop had been (as well as how we should react to charities).

Well, two things seem to have come directly from that.  (Apart from being pleasantly surprised by the reaction to the blog post - more truthfully - totally amazed by it.)

You could be reading more from me in different (and unexpected) places in future.  I am unwilling to say any more about it at the moment because I have yest to have a discussion with someone who thinks I may be useful to them.  And if that discussion proves successful I am hoping to use the results to propel me to bigger and brigher things.

The other thing to come from my blog post about LCiL's "Pop-up" shop is something I have already done in an unofficial capacity already.

As you probably know, I am passionate about Disability and how disabled people are also useful members of society (if only the "able-bodied" would let us speak our minds a little more often).

Depending on which order you have decided to read my blog you may already have read my "officially authorised" blog post about "Choice Unlimited" and the very good work they do raising the profile of people who provide goods and services for Disabled people.

If you have anything to do with Disabled People I would strongly advise you to visit one of their Roadshows.  Even if you haven't got anything to do with Disabled People I would still advise you to visit a Roadshow just so you can see Disabled People taking part in activities which may surprise you.

I would like to finish this blog post with a few lyrics from one of my favourite songs, "The Real World", by a former Dutch pop group called City to City, which I feel are very appropriate for this stage of my "journey" with blogging;-

I'm just a singer and I don't wanna go,
I'm trying to earn a living here on my own.
I'm just a man whose world's been torn apart.
Please Mister - hear me - I'm making a brand new start.

(I'm just a man with a mountain full of dreams.  Tell me - Is this the Real World, or not what it seems?)

I am hoping that this is in fact The Real World - and I am finally going to go some way to acheiving my ambition of using my writing and my blogging to make the world a better place for everyone.

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