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Seven Circles Of Life (Or - What On Earth Am I And, More To The Point, What Am I Doing Here???)
Every so often I stumble on a website or blog post which I think I can nick the idea of and use it to entertain you (especially if I can apply an Inkyworld-style twist to the original).

One of my friends has decided to take part in a "Blogging Challenge" from Wordpress - I saw what he did and decided I could have fun with the idea in my own twisted way.

For his original interpretation of "Seven Things" please go to frothyfilosofy.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/an-exercise-in-knowing-myself/.

For my version of it - continue reading.

My "Seven Things" are only going to be one list of seven of my favourite things, places, etc.  I admit you will know what some of them are already (the reasons may surprise you though), whilst other things may strike you as totally "out of the box".

1)  Favourite place - This has got to be Schiebroek, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  This is where I feel most at ease (even though my Oma moved out when I was approximately 10 years old it still seems to have a kind of string pulling me back there every time I am in Holland).  When I am there (or even just in Rotterdam City Centre itself) I feel invincible - nobody can hurt me or upset me.

2)  Favourite Colour - Orange.  You may be surprised to learn that this is not remotely connected to my favourite place.  To me the colour orange represents fire and heat.  This can be from a candle or from a raging inferno which clears the area ready for new things to emerge eventually.

3)  Favourite method of getting anywhere - Just sit me on a car ferry and I am happy.

4)  Favourite food - Nasi Goreng.  An Indonesian dish involving fried rice, egg, spices, and meat.  This reminds me of my Mum and my Oma - both of them were brilliant at making it.

5)  Favourite time of day - just after I wake up before I put my glasses on,  This is my "me time" when I remind myself of who I really am and what I can achieve.

6)  Favourite sound - the sound of a car engine.  This is not as crazy as it may first appear.  This is one of the most useful sounds in the world for me - usually because either it means I am about to get transported somewhere, or, it means I can figure out how likely I am to get run over when I attempt to cross a road.

7)  Favourite smell - That custardy vanilla smell you get whenever fireworks are being let off.  This reminds me of the times I spent New Year's Eve in Holland.

I could have continued the list past "Seven Things" but I think the above list is frightening enough, don't you???

As Nick Ross used to say when he presented "Crimewatch" - Don't have nightmares!

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