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LuvinBling - Creative Wombling At Its Best!
There are people you meet who you immediately feel at home around.  Senika Simon is exactly one of those people.  Her infectious smile (not to mention her hugs) really brighten the place up.

Infectious smile and unique jewellery in one photo!!!

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog I absolutely love her upcycled jewellery.  In fact, between Senika and Kristyna Myles I have found my two favourite independent women to support.  I honestly think that Senika is gorgeous where it counts (on the inside).

I honestly cannot wait until she gets her website up and running so you will be able to see and purchase her fantastic items.

What I love most about her is that she actually wears her own work with pride.  You cannot get any better advertising that the noise you make about your own products.

You can see other photographs of the enormous range of jewellery she makes elsewhere on my blog but I wanted to show you my favourite pieces now.

"Frost" Collection set.

Close up of "Frost" Collection Earrings

She even runs jewellery making workshops - and she is a very patient teacher (I have experience of this).

All set for a live Jewllery making exhibition (guess who else had a go at making some earrings???)

This Jewellery making is highly addictive!!! (And - as I have proven - you don't need 20/20 vision to enjoy making it!!!)

Follow @LUVINBLING on Twitter.

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