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Gelato or Sorbetto - "Gelato Village" is Magnifico!
OK - I admit I have a slightly strange taste in some foodstuffs.  Put it this way - my favourite foods include such diverse items as Gouda cheese with cumin seeds in it, Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice dish), Smoked Sausage in a small paper bag from a shop called "Hema", chips with mayo, Stroopwafels (I have been known to eat them by the packet), Pistachio ice cream, chocolate coated coffee beans, etc.

I have found something else to go on my list - Chocolate Sorbetto.  If I could find somewhere that would sell me this in one litre tubs I would be very happy.

There is a story attached to me discovering this exotic foodstuff.

I was in my favourite cafe (which is not a million miles away from where I discovered the Sorbetto) having lunch when I read a tweet from "Gelato Village" which intrigued me.

I had been in "Gelato Village" before for a small tub of Gelato on a hot day.  The previous visit had left me thinking it was like an ice cream parlour I had visited during a heatwave in Zeist (in Holland) several years ago - walk in, purchase ice cream, walk out again prior to consuming it.

They had obviously had a bit of a rethink - it had seats and tables this time - as well as the coolest fibreoptic sculptures I have ever seen.

Back to the Sorbetto though.

I had it as part of something called a "Grande Belezimma" (I think that is how you spell it).  This comprised of two scoops of your choice of Gelato or Sorbetto,  scoop of vanilla Gelato (or cream), and chocolate sauce, all on top of a Belgian Waffle.

I had Pistachio Gelato and Chocolate Sorbetto.

I must admit I was expecting the Sorbetto to be something closer to a cross between the English chocolate ice cream and a "Calipo" frozen ice drink.  As in - almost like frozen chocolate milk.

When I got my food I was amazed at how delicious the Sorbetto looked.  It looked like someone had taken a very large quantity of chocolate and performed some kind of magic on it.  Chocolate ice cream actually looking like chocolate is unusual enough (actually a bit too unusual for my liking) but this Chocolate Sorbetto tasted as good as it looked - there was not a bit of it which tasted metalic or synthetic.

I am very choosy when it comes to frozen chocolate of any description.  I am slightly less choosy when it comes to other forms of chocolate (but - if you really want to keep me happy may I put in a request for one of the following - the biggest bar of "Verkade" milk chocolate you can find, a box of Fererro Roche (any variety), or a large box of milk chocolate "Hagelslag" (or "hundreds and thousands") - the last one should preferably come with a supply of "Beschuitjes" (or "Dutch Crispbreads"), and a tub of "Becel Dieet Margarine" (the Dutch equivalent to "Flora Light" but without the salty taste)???).

If you want to try Chocolate Sorbetto for yourself - enter St Martins Square from Hotel Street in Leicester.  "Gelato Village" is immediately on your lefthand side.

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