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When The Screen Speaks To Me (Or - Maybe My Words Are More Appreciated Than I Thought)
Sometimes, as I sit here typing, I honestly wonder who on Earth would want to read my ramblings.

After all, I am just me.  I do not have any qualifications in half of the subjects I ramble on about.  I may consult the odd "Book" in my "Human Library Of Friends And Acquaintances" if I want to check something - but for the most part you are reading my thoughts.

I had to pinch myself when two people who I know from Twitter told me I was good at writing.  OK, so one of them said that directly and the other one put it in slightly different words (which I will quote in a minute).

I couldn't believe my eyes because one of the people is a professional PR Consultant - and the other one is one of my favourite Bloggers (who I appear to have a bit of a "Mutual Appreciation Society" going on with).

I must admit there are a couple of other people who have been really kind to me about my blogging activities as well - one of these people has done more than they realise to give me the confidence to open myself up on here without being prompted by another human or anything else I have seen.

The Blogger I seem to have a "Mutual Appreciation Society" with has started awarding websites and articles their "Award For Complete Bobbins" if they think that whatever they read is a load of rubbish.  As you can probably imagine - this scared me somewhat - as I do not wish to receive this "Award".  The Blogger assures me - however - that "the chances of you getting that Award - ever - are slim to non-existent".  Phew - that's a relief.

There was one occassion this week where I had a near miss with someone though.  By "a near miss" I mean that I nearly went for them with all guns blazing (not a very good idea when the human in question happens to be a Police And Crime Commissioner).  I had made a comment on Twitter in response to a thread I was reading when someone waved a red rag at me.

I want to make something extremely clear here - I don't expect you to agree with a word I say or type (after all I live in a free country) - however, I do expect to be treated with courtesy even when you disagree with me.

For example - opening your reply to my comment with the words "Silly comment" is not exactly going to be conducive to a pleasant relationship with me (whether or not you have the head of a few hundred humans with the legal power to arrest me at the end of a telephone line).  When the lines became untangled (and the other person realised that I did not find the rest of their reply disrespectful - just the opening two words) I found myself tweeting with an intelligent human with a bit of a short fuse when it comes to certain words.

In fact - I could write another Blog Post about the disappearance of manners, respect and courtesy in modern life.

However, I digress.

A few other (rather unexpected) people seemed to think my blog is good.  These actually included my Optician - after I showed him my post about my glasses.

What I would love to be able to do (apart from making money directly from writing) is find a way to help people tell their own stories in ther own words.

Last night someone said something which really hit a nerve with me (in a good way) - too many people bottle their feelings up and make themselves ill as a result.

We all have our own experiences which we should be able to share with each other if we so choose.  You may be sitting there after reading something I have typed about my experiences at school with bullying, etc, and think that I have totally lost the plot - only to find yourself face-to-face with someone who is going through the same thing at school.  I hope your glimpses into my world help you to understand what it is like for the other person???

On the other hand - I was reading a conversation this morning on Twitter which got me more and more angry.  I cannot remember exactly what it was about but there were people involved who were all more qualified than me (when it came to Paper Qualifications at least).  Nearly every person in that group was too busy trying to play "Top Trumps" with the subject - and talking about how they were more qualified than the others to solve the topic under discussion - to notice that they had forgotten one vital point.  Two of us (myself and one other lady) could probably be more useful than the people who had paper qualifications coming out of their ears for one simple reason - we both had personal practical experience of at least part of the problem.  (OK so we had it from slightly different angles but we still had practical experience.)  At no point - prior to me commenting on the missing piece of the jigsaw - did any of the others make any reference to practical experience possibly being of any remote use whatsoever.

To close this blog post - I hope my blog makes you think in a new way, entertains you, makes you feel stuff you have never felt before, educates you, and - most of all - makes you think that if an idiot like me can let the world into my brain - there is nothing to stop you doing the same!!!

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