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There's A Line That We'll Cross When We Find Out What We Are About To Lose (Or - The Streets May Become Alive With Screams Of "We Should Have Listened"!!!)
I make no apology for either typing a Blog Post on a subject which is very close to my heart or paraphrasing lyrics to two songs for the title to this blog post (I will explain them as we go on).

Over the past couple of days I have had some lyrics to "I've Been Losing You" by Aha, going around in my head as I kept reading about the coming Police Cuts.

The lyrics were "I put the gun down on the table....Oh - come on - please now - talk to me.  Tell me things I could find helpful.  I have lost my way - I've been losing you".

I think the story of the song is about someone who had either seriously injured or murdered another person but wants them to talk afterwards.

(Yes - I know that Theresa May and the rest of the Government seem to be singing another Aha song - "Cry Wolf" - but that is beside the point.)

The two songs I paraphrased the lyrics of for the title of this blog are (I feel at least) extremely relevant - both for the content of the original lyrics and the context of the film one of them was used in.

I will start with the opening lyrics to "Fallen From Graceland" by Richie Sambora.  The original lyrics are "There's a line that you cross - when you find out that you've lost".

As one Police Blogger put it today - maybe the Public should be asked if they would be happy to lose half of their Police Force???

Now - I don't claim to represent the Police - but - in this case I agree with the Blogger.

But I am honestly getting a little fed up of the higher ranks being the ones who swoop down from on high not seeming sure if they want to do an impression of either Corporal Jones from "Dad's Army" (catchphrase - "Don't panic! Don't panic!") or Private Frazer (catchphrase - "We're Doomed I tell ye - Doomed!").

Either way - I think the higher ranks should stand back and let the Officers with personal "boots on ground" experience of what is happening speak to the Mainstream Media.  As I type this blog post there has been a hashtag on Twitter #PCTM (or "Police Cuts Too Much") this evening in an attempt to warn the Public.

However, I have seen some comments from serving Police Officers which have even upset a pro-Police person like me.  I don't want to be given a pair of rose-tinted glasses and be told that everything is going to be OK when it obviously isn't.  However, to be made to feel like there is nothing worth fighting for even before we start is not a good idea either.

Yes - the cuts are going to be much worse than they are already.  But scaremongering headlines with a slightly different story from the truth is not going to help anyone.

If I had my way - I would stand the Police Bloggers in front of the Mainstream Media and get them to explain the situation.

However, there is also a very under-used tool in their armour.  Me and people like me.  As in - people who are not Police but who would be willing to tell their story on our Blogs, etc.  People who are passionate about the Police and what they mean to Society as a whole.

Oh yes - I nearly forgot - the paraphrased lyrics to "The Hills Are Alive (With The Sound Of Music)"???

I seem to remember in the beginning of that film (or somewhere very close to it) one of the characters tries to tell people that Germany is about to invade Austria but nobody listens???

I am afraid we have almost reached that point on the subject of the Police Cuts.  There has been so much mis-information on the subject that it is almost difficult to know who to believe - but now is the time when those of us who know the real story should start screaming loud enough for everybody else to take note.

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