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How Placenames Can Mean So Many Things To So Many People (Or - "Come With Me"!)
The names of places can mean so many things to so many people - some of use even answer to the name of a place (and I don't mean "Brooklyn" either).  My surname of "Poultney" is now the name of a farm but it was also the name of either a village or a hamlet as well.

There are other place names which are known as belonging to one thing by the locals and as belonging to something completely different by everybody else - Ibrox being one such name.

It was only when I narrowly missed being run over by a bus to Ibrox that I learned it is actually the name of an area of Glasgow (after I had consulted a friendly Glaswegian).

"QE" can either mean "Quantative Easing" or "Queen Elizabeth Hospital".  If the second name is found on a signpost anywhere near Kings Lynn - I was born in that hospital.

You have heard of "Gouda"???  Famous for cheese??? There are two other products that the Dutch will tell you Gouda is famous for - candles and Stroopwafels.

"Lutterworth" can only mean one thing to me - Hell on Earth.  I would love the place if I hadn't had the misfortune of going to Secondary School there.

"Schiebroek" - ah - I am starting to feel relaxed already just by typing that place name.  When people say "Home is where the heart is" that is what Schiebroek is to me.  It was where my Oma lived until I was approx 10 years old.  It hasn't changed that much from when she lived there.

"Linwood" - this is confusing to me.  My Dad and my Granddad both went to Linwood School, my Grandma went to Mary Linwood School.  I am pretty sure that none of them trekked to near Glasgow from Leicester and back each day!!!

There are a few more place names which confuse me.

However, the one name which confuses me the most is not the name of a place but the name of a road.  This is because - everytime I hear it or read it - I think of water.

The most confusing name I have ever come across for a road is "Coolsingel".  A "Singel" to me suggests some area of water which could be used to sail boats on - not a road the width of an English motorway with a tramline running along its middle.

On the subject of the "Coolsingel" this video has got some lovely photos of Rotterdam www.youtube.com/watch!  The title of "Kom Mee Met Mij" translates into "Come With Me"!

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