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Feed Bellies Not Bins (Or - A Project I Am Happy To Be Involved With)
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will probably be wondering why I have recently started posting photographs of menus written on blackboards every Thursday evening???

It is my way of attempting to raise awareness of the "Pay As You Feel" Cafe run by the Leicester brigade of The Real Junkfood Project.  Yes - the observant among you have seen a review I typed some time ago.

I could go all "Evangelical" on you and bore you to sleep with the statistics about the amount of food that is sent to landfill in the UK - but I would actually like you to keep enjoying my blog so I will find another way of telling you how good the The Real Junkfood Project Cafe is.

The Real Junkfood Project was started up in Yorkshire by someone who must have been alarmed at the amount of - perfectly useable and edible = food which was being sent to landfill just because it was past its Best Before date and couldn't be sold in the shops,

By the way - the Best Before date is a guide as to how long something will be "Best Before".  The date you really have to worry about is the "Use By" date.  The "Use By" date tells you when a product should be Used by - if it passes this date it is poisonous and should not be consumed.

All the food which has passed its "Best Before" date could easily be used to feed people.

The Leicester Brigade of the The Real Junkfood Project include some brilliant cooks (why do you think I keep going back week after week???).  Also you can pay what you feel the meal is worth.

Why am I telling you all this???

Well, I will be getting involved "behind the scenes" on a voluntary basis.  I thought the project was such a good idea and the people who are "in charge" of it are two of the nicest people you will ever meet (also two of the most stressed people you will ever meet) - so I decided to help them out by using my Admin experience.

Less of my waffling about the two Saints (and they are Saints) who run the project in Leicester - I have serious information to give you.

You could walk into any restaurant or cafe of your choosing and sit down at a table - order your meal - eat your meal - and leave - never once having met the people who cooked your food.  You could also pay a lot of money for a tiny portion of food without caring about what happens to the staff or the money, etc - never mind the leftover food.

Or you could go to a "Real Junkfood Project" cafe - meet the humans who cook the food, have a very nice meal (sometimes with a very interesting twist), save food from landfill.  Oh - and if you are brave enough - talk to the other humans who share your table.  This will leave you feeling like you have done something worthwhile as well as having a nice meal.

In our world of the "Throwaway Society" it is nice to know that there are people doing their bit to use up food (as well as donating some to homeless people and those in need).

We need to get away from the "Money For Nothing" culture we seem to be drowning in - and go back to a way of life which enabled us to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is why I am happy to help The Real Junkfood Project.

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