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What Have A Pot Noodle And A Bottle Of Laundry Detergent Got In Common? (Or - Please Put The Marks Where I Can See Them!)
You are probably looking at the title to this blog post and wondering what on Earth I am going to ramble on about now???  After all, Pot Noodles and Laundry Detergent have very little in common.  You can eat a Pot Noodle but you cannot drink washing detergent (unless you want to become very poorly indeed. They are both available in shops (in different aisles).  They both come in containers.  Er, that's about it.

Not quite.

They both have the ability to drive me mad with rage.

Allow me to explain.

When you see a Pot Noodle for the first time you will see it in a pot with a foil lid on.  When you remove the lid you will find your food in powdered form - to which you need to add water.  Now - seeing as the water goes in the pot - why on Earth do they put the level marker on the outside of an opaque (ie, not seethrough) pot???  It wouldn't be so bad if the marker was also on the inside - even better would be if the Pot Noodle was sold in transparent pots (like pasta salads, etc).

I have recently found out that Ariel, Persil (and probably every other manufacturer of washing powder) have decided to do the same thing with their liquid detergent.  As in supply contraption to get liquid from bottle into washing machine drum which involves needing better eyesight than mine.

When I moved into my house my Grandma (who was the previous owner/occupier of it) had left a large box of washing powder to be finished up.  Now - I soon realised that me and washing powder do not get on - the measuring confused me too much and I was never quite sure which bit of the drawer to put it in.

So - when I had finished the washing powder I decided to make life easy for myself and try the Liquitabs.  These are brilliant for someone like me.  Put Liquitab in drum of washing machine - put washing in - close door - select programme - switch on and wait for it to do its stuff.  No measuring or confusion.

This week I reaslised I was on my last Liquitab and I couldn't be bothered to go to either Asda or the big Tesco in South Wigston to get a large box of Liquitabs cheaply.  So I went to the Tesco round the corner from my house.  They were selling Liquitabs for prices I would consider to be bribery and extortion.

As I was looking I found a bottle of liquid washing detergent which they were selling for half price - so I bought that.

"Fill it to the first marker for light laundry or soft water but fill it to the second maker for heavy laundry or heavy water", said the instructions.

The first marker was easy to find (even on a dark pink opaque object) as that marker was the dent which you use to put the contraption back in the hole in the bottle.  The second marker was more of a ridge on the outside.  Stil, I managed it.

Don't people realise that idiots like me require a simple life when it comes to measuring things???  Can they not put the things which either need added water (ie, Pot Noodle) or need to be measured accurately (ie, Washing Detergent) into clear pots with properly visible markers on them???

Oh well, only another 23 loads of eyestrain before I can go back to my preferred Liquitabs.

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