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The Day A Cafe Lived Up To Its Name (Or Never Mind "Bewiched" I Was Captivated!)
"I love this place and I haven't even bought anything yet!"

Yesterday was the first time I said the above words aloud on entering any kind of retail premises and actually meant them.

What could have caused such a spontaneous reaction???  Being allowed to retain some independence and feeling able to let someone do their actual job without having to ask them for help.

I am a simple creature and it is reasonably easy to keep me happy when I am roaming around in the wild on my own.  Do not make me feel that I need to find a pack to be part of in order to enjoy whatever it is you are trying to offer me - especially if I have entered your premises on my own.

Three things got me intrigued enough to walk through the door of "Bewiched" in Kettering.  Someone had mentioned it to me when I had reviewed the Costa Coffee places in Kettering for my original blog.  The name was quirky enough to grab my attention.  Having a bicycle with flowers on it outside the window* definitely caught my eye.  (Well - I am half-Dutch.)

If there is one thing I absolutely hate it is having to ask complete strangers to read things out to me (to be honest I am not very keen on having to ask friends to read things out to me either but at least I know they won't mind doing it).  The way I see it is - getting me to enter your shop, cafe, etc, is the easy bit - actually keeping me in there long enough for you to sell me your product or service is where the really hard work starts.

A large menu on a coloured background with easy to read type will definitely help you if you are in charge of a cafe.  A menu large enough for me to read even though it is stuck behind the counter definitely works in your favour.  In fact, that is what made me say the sentence I started this blog post with.

The cafe was also well-lit (even though it was daylight - I have walked into some cafes which made me wish I had purchased a lantern before entering during daylight hours).

Comfortable looking furniture was set out in such a way that I could navigate my way around even with a tray in my hands.  The place looked like it had plenty of space inside.

When I ordered my mug of tea it was served in a large - solid - mug*.  To me this indicated that my custom was actively encouraged and I was allowed to linger over my drink.  I am sorry but serving me drinks (even cold ones like milkshakes and iced coffee) in a plastic container - even when I have stated I wish to stay in your premises - does not make me feel welcome.  Although I am a bit puzzled as to why the milk was served in something which ressembled an old fashioned vinegar bottle which had lost its stopper.

I chose a very comfortable armchair to sit in as I drank my tea (and ate my Teacake which was served with butter and apricot jam).

What made the experience even nicer was the lightshades*.  They were such a pretty pattern and left me wondering how they had been made (along with where I could get them from).

In fact, there is only one minor problem with "Bewiched" - there isn't one in Leicester yet.  When I was handed my Loyalty Card I asked the man behind the counter if they could open one in Leicester.;  Now I have to find a way of getting to Peterborough or Corby if I want to visit another branch.  (I actually wanted to move in to the Kettering branch but I had a bus to catch.)

*I did take a photo of the bicycle, the mug, and a lightshade.  If you want to see them go to the Photos Section of the website.

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