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Someone Old, Someone New, Someone Borrowed, And Someone Blue (Or How Four People Combined To Make A Special Evening!)
I know I usually start any review of a gig by Kristyna Myles with a play on the title of one of her songs - so why have I decided to give you a title which makes it sound like I may have attended a wedding instead???  (A big clue is in the word "Someone" - see - I still managed to slip one of her songs into the title of this blog post.)

Have you ever turned up to a gig and felt like you left a completely different one to the one you thought you had attended???  The three singers were as advertised (with a bonus singer thrown in for good measure).  I don't quite know how to explain it but the gig just seemed more magical than usual.

The first act definitely fulfilled both the "Someone New" and "Someone Old" categories - even though I was originally convinced she was meant for the "Someone New" category only.

Nina Schofield has somehow managed to step into a close second behind the Myles-Maestro herself as a solo singer/songwriter - and that is after hearing a handful of her songs.

She was new to my eyes and ears - but her voice reminded me of a cross between Kate Bush and Annie Lennox (which is were the "Someone Old" comes in).

Now - I have to admit that usually it takes a lot for a female singer to impress me on first hearing.  Nina more than impressed me - and she complemented both Kristyna and Ben Montague very well with her singing style.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember any of the titles to her songs (I was too busy being caught up in the scenarios she wove in my mind to worry about things like that).  One thing I do remember (and I think I will have a hard job trying to remove this idea from my brain) is one of her songs was apparently either inspired by or based on a Sociopath.  You could say her range of topics for songs was a very broad genre.

I did take some photos but I think I was standing in a perfect place to hear the singers - even though it was actually a lousy place to take photos as the light was wrong.

Next up we had Kristyna Myles, who - although she didn't sing the song mentioned in the title of this blog post - did kind of combine with someone else to fulfil the "Someone Blue" category.

Among the songs she sang were "Heavy On My Soul", "Heaven Knows", along with a song which is slowly moving up my personal chart of favourite songs by Kristyna Myles - "I'm Not Going Back".

How can an upbeat song like "I'm Not Going Back" be put anywhere near a category with the word "blue" in it???  Easy - the blue refers to the colour of the national flag of Scotland.  Last I heard Dumfries was in Scotland???  Put it this way -
since a very good friend of my called Julie Kirkpatrick explained what it means to her - every time I heard "I'm Not Going Back" I wished she was with me.  Tonight I got my wish.  Julie was standing next to me when Kristyna sang that song.

I was a bit surprised to see Ben Williams armed with just a guitar - usually when he and Kristyna are playing together he has a tambourine-stompmat combo so he can provide basic percussion accompaniment.

Ben even played "Hold Your Fire" during Kristyna's set.  (I never get tired of hearing Ben sing.)

Closing the show (or should I say "headlining" it?) was another Ben this one with the surname of "Montague".

I have a confession to make about Mr Montague and my previous experiences of his music and performances. I always thought there was something missing - don't get me wrong - I thought they were OK as far as they went - they just didn't seem to have the necessary "hook" to draw me in.  The first time I saw him he was with his full band and I found it a little bit too noisy for my tastes.   The second time I saw him he was with a guitar and singing acoustically - more quiet but still lacking that spark to totally ignite my interest.

Tonight's gig finally had that hook or spark I was looking for - and it came in a very unexpected format.  And it appeared to be based on a shared experience.

"My Father Said" was the song which finally hooked me in.  What Ben Montague could not have known was that for the past couple of years I have dreaded the arrival of 29 October.  That date is the anniversary of the death of my English Grandma - my Dad's Mum.

So to hear him sing a song which was inspired by a conversation he had had after the death of his Grandma was particularly poignant for me.  It also talked about having one chance in life.

My second favourite part of the gig tonight could be filed under "Someone Borrowed".  Ben Montague borrowed Kristyna for a duet on the song "Liberty Road".

All in all it was a very good evening's entertainment.

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