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When A Window Can Ressemble A Vomit-Inducing Mirror! (Or - Surely There Is A Law Against The Grubbiness Of This Bus Window???)
As you have probably guessed by now I usually rely on Public Transport to get me around.

This can come with its own level of difficulty and hazards - ranging from what I call "somersault doors" on trains (so called because it feels like I am going to fall out of the train when I lean out of the slam-door to open it), through destination boards which are impossible to see, to people leaving luggage in the aisles, to bus drivers driving off when I am still trying to find a seat (and braking hard at the first set of traffic lights or roundabout they come to).

On Friday evening I took a photo of something else which I find very annoying.  In fact, it is worse than that.  In sunny weather this can literally make me feel sick.

You may be excused for thinking this is some kind of mirror which needs a good clean???

If I told you that was on a bus which I travelled on you might ask why I took a photo of what is obviously some kind of mirror - and whether I asked the owner's permission.

I wonder what you would say if I told you that photo is of a side window on the lower deck of a double decker bus - taken at night???

If it had been the windscreen of the aforementioned double decker bus - or even the doors or the window on the Driver's cab - the bus could not legally be driven.

I was lucky that it was dark outside - because the grubbiness of the window has been known to make me feel sick when I have tried to look out of it on a sunny day.  (Pesky contrasts and speed don't mix - especially when I cannot escape the contrast.)

You may be wondering why I am grumbling about it when it is dark outside and I cannot see in the dark anyway???

Simple - there are some things which I can see in the dark (lights on canopies of petrol stations and the bright yellow boxes of speed cameras, for example) that I use to tell me when I am approaching my destination.

I am seriously considering appearing at the South Wigston Garage of Arriva Midland with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge so I can clean the windows of all their buses.

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