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Shapeshifting In A Straight Line World! (Or Why The Best Way To Figure Me Out Is Go For The Abstract!)
I have a confession to make - my brain is happiest when it is working with abstract concepts and ideas.  I gave it a meal in book-form today called "What If?" by Randall Munroe which it really enjoyed.

What I am trying to say is - if you are trying to explain something to me you may get what seem to you like very strange questions.  (In most cases - the stranger the question I ask the more interested I am in the subject you are talking about.)

I found a perfect example of what I mean propped up by a table in a room I was in on Friday last week.

(This photo was taken of a section of scrap wood which had random splashes of paint on it.)

I am sure that I know at least one person who will think I have lost the plot when I tell you what I thought it looked like a painting of.

(Please do not attempt to use this as any kind of Rohrschache Test - that Psychometric Test.)

When I first saw it (even with the other splashes of different coloured paint elsewhere on the wood) I immediately thought of a waterfall going into a flooded field.  That was just based on the brown, the white and the green.

(The human I showed it to told me I should be on a Photography course!  I don't think so somehow.)

There are other kinds of abstract concepts in the world around us - you just have to switch your brain off so you can see them for what they are.

Take this advertisement -

To most people the advert will be advertising fees for divorcing your soon-to-be ex-husband or ex-wife???

I was left wondering how you can get a divorce from "Fees" - along with where I can meet a human with such a lovely and unusual name.

(Told you my brain prefers abstract stuff, didn't I?)

I am not sure if it is down to a combination of living with my sight and being able to speak two languages - or if I am just weird.

Society needs people who see things just that little bit differently to the rest of the population.  You can be someone who understands things by looking at pictures, or reading reams and reams of words, or listening to a lecture on your chosen subject.  We are all different - with different strengths.

I know I have complained about my "education" at school but I am glad it left me seeing the world around me in a different way from other people.

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