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In The Beginning Was My World - Then People Got Interested In It! (Or - Back To The Future And Beyond)
I know it is not New Year yet but I thought you might be interested in how "Inkyworld" started (particularly if you have recently entered my world) and how much it has changed since I first had the idea.  I also wanted to tell you about a few ideas I have had for future blog posts (depending on whether or not I can get the right humans involved).

In the beginning

This blog started in 2009 - shortly after I was made redundant after 15 years as an Administration Officer in an Engineering Company in Leicestershire.

(The only reason the blog posts on here start from 2014 is - when I decided to move the blog to another Web Host - I lost all the previous blog posts and had to start again from scratch.)

It started off as a "Head Emptying" Exercise.  I had previously had three "Sounding Boards" - one had died (my Mum), one was seriously ill (my English Grandma), and I wasn't on speaking terms with the third one at that time (Dr Derek Lee).

So I decided to set up a small blog just to stop my head from exploding.  To be perfectly honest I didn't think anybody would be interested in my ramblings (half the time I still don't think anybody would be interested in what I have to say even now).  In fact, it is thanks to two very dear friends of mine that you are reading this.  (When I say "very dear friends of mine" I consider one to be my second Mum and the other one to be one of my sisters.)

I still have to pinch myself when I think back to a conversation I had with Mila Slapak near the start of the whole "Inkyworld" idea.  She was the first one who told me I was good at writing who (a) I was not related to by blood or genetics, and, (b) had not been paid to teach me or tell me I was good at anything.  I had posted a review of the first gig of Kristyna Myles I had ever seen - and Mila saw it.  She told me how good she thought it was - then she told Kristyna Myles herself - who said the same thing.  I honestly could not believe my ears.

Those two (and Mila's husband, Tim) are still among my biggest supporters.  I want to take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their support and encouragement.

So, I decided to go on a bit of a "fishing trip" and tell people on Twitter and Facebook when I had posted something on my blog - I still didn't think I was any good at writing for a public audience.  My thoughts were "I am writing for myself and if anybody else likes it that will be good but I doubt they will".

If you think I am being self-deprecating or making you think I am just saying it for effect - please don't - I am honestly amazed when people say nice things about my writing.  I know a lot of writers (bloggers, Creative Writers, Published Authors, Songwriters, etc) who are a lot better than me.

As a result of that "fishing trip" you could say 'Inkyworld' slowly snowballed into something I could never have dreamed of.  People who I would be too scared to speak to face to face have tweeted me to say that I was good at writing (as well as making some good points).  I have been given the privilege of writing for a couple of people as a result of them reading my blog.

I would say - if you really want to know what I am thinking at any given moment - hand me a pen and paper or sit me in front of a computer.  Thinking seems to come easier to me when I use letters to communicate instead of the verbal method.  I feel less pressured - as well as not feeling like I have to "perform" (unless I know and - more importantly - trust you, that is).

The Present

It is still taking me a while to believe that humans I look up to and respect think I am actually any good at writing.  Only last week I had three separate people telling me (in different ways) they thought I was good at it.  One sang my praises about a blog post that I had written which I thought would be controversial, one shared some of my blog posts on their website as part of an event they held last week, and the third (this was a very big shock to me - coming from someone I least expected to say anything good about me) asked me a question - and they took my answer seriously!!! Help - I am not used to this!!!  I just try to make you feel as though we are having a conversation when you read my blog posts.

The list of people (apart from those already mentioned in this post) I am eternally grateful to for their support, encouragement, and inspiration, is too long to go through on here but I would like to give a shout out to a few of them if I may;

The lady who always reads my blog without fail and has been of such enormous support I actually consider her to be my other "Sister" - Julie Kirkpatrick.

The LCiL gang - John Coster (and his Mum - Joan), Michelle Headley, and Laura Horton).

The Scribbles crowd who - even if they don't read my blog posts - still encourage me in my writing - not forgetting English Teacher Extraordinnaire Mr (should really be "Sir" if you ask me) Steve Bowkett.

My faithful readers - Deb Mayer, Deme Olliver and her sister Efrosyni Hobbs.

The Twittercops - you lot know who you are.

And - last but definitely not least - you who are reading this.

The Future

Long time followers of this blog may have started to see a subtle change in the kind of things I write about (as well as my writing style).

I still intend to write about anything and everything that interests me - after all - this blog is about "Inky's" (as in - my) world - but even I am starting to notice a subtle shift more towards things like Disability, Equality, and other issues I really care about (either because they directly affect me or because I know people who are affected by them).

I am hoping to collaborate with a couple of my friends on blog posts (one on what it is really like to be a carer, and the other on the connection - or otherwise- between the perception of Mental Health and the perception of Sight Problems).

As always - my world is an open space for you to come and go as you please.  I only have one request (and - yes - it does come in the form of a song lyric);

"Don't you walk through my words - you got to show some respect.  Don't you walk through my words - you ain't heard me out yet" ("Dreadlock Holiday" by 10cc.

(You didn't think I would end this post without using the original lyrics - OK so I slightly misheard "words" as "World" when I first heard the song - which I used as a strapline to the original "Inkyworld" blog, did you???)

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