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How Would You Cope With My Sight? (A Taster Of Maths Problems With A Difference)
If there is one thing which Maths lessons at school taught me it is that the Maths I learned there and the Maths I use in my daily life are completely different.

For example - even though I think potractors (those semi-circles of flat plastic which are theoretically used to measure angles) and compasses (the things you use to draw circles with) are the two most useless inventions known to man - my life seems to revolve around angles.

There are three angles which my brain finds easy to compute - sheer drop (90 degrees), flat floor (180 degrees), and a standard household staircase.  Anything outside those angles might as well not exist.

I will start by asking you an easy question;

How many angles are there in a Spiral Staircase?  Go on - have a guess.  I bet you said two, didn't you?  The angle of the stairs to the floor and the angle of the spiral???  You missed one very important one.  The angle of the steps themselves from the pole to the handrail.  (I just wish every spiral staircase had its steps removed and a crashmat parked at the bottom of the pole so people could slide down it - would be a lot easier.)  Those of us with a sight problem need to have some idea of the third angle so we know where to put our feet so they are reasonably solid.

Name two things which I rely on to tell me how fast a car is going???  Usually my ears (these we will file under "Hearing") and the car's wheels.  If I see wheels spinning quickly I know the car is in a hurry.

To say my "Speed to Distance" software is corrupted is an understatement.  If you stand me in front of a car I will happily tell you the direcion of travel using my sight but I will have no idea how fast it is going.

Which would go some way to explain why I get really upset when I am subjected to "Drum and Bass" or any other so-called music at least five minutes before the car which the stereo is in appears.  Unless there is a way to connect the CD player or MP3 player to the accelerator pedal I suppose I will have to suffer confusion.

How many different sizes of lettering are there on Destination Boards of buses?  Sorry - I cannot answer that one - I keep finding more.

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