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If Its Time To Play The Music It Is Also Time To Light The Lights (Or - The Evening I Realised How Flashing Lights Could Help Me With Fast Moving "Mobile Discos")
There I was on Tuesday evening - sitting in a bus shelter waiting for a bus, and minding my own business, when a blinding blue flash appeared from the righthand corner of my vision.  The blinding blue flash proceeded slowly to the point where even my left eye had a problem trying to ignore it.  Shortly after the blinding blue flash had stopped moving it was turned off (or at least - dimmed to the point where I could regain my ability to focus again).

Before you think I had some kind of Medical Emergency happen to me I feel I should point out that the flash was attached to the top of a motorised slice of "Battenberg cake" with the word 'Police' helpfully emblazoned on the side of it.  English translation - a Police car had decided to stop a van in the bus stop where I was waiting.

This gave me an idea about a possble solution to another of my bugbears - the "Mobile Disco".

Forget the idea of "Mobile Discos" being the outfits who used to run discos in village halls, etc.  My definition of a "Mobile Disco" is one which travels at speeds in excess of 30 miles an hour (unless it has stopped for any reason - ie, at traffic lights)

I am - of course - talking about those dangerous idiots who drive around with their music on so loud that it can be heard 5 minutes before the actual vehicle appears.  And - what makes it worse is - not so much the choice of so-called "music" emitted by the cars but - the fact the windows are closed (almost to the point of being sealed shut).

Apart from wishing I could submit every single one of those idiots for a hearing test - after all, they must be deaf if they need to have the music on so loud in the first place - I wish someone would invent a way of telling me how fast the vehicle is going (as well as which direction it is intending to travel in - especially if I can only hear it).

I have said before that I rely on engine noise (especially in bright sunshine or in the dark) to tell me the speed of the vehicle.  I find this very useful in helping me not to get run over as I cross the road.

I did have an idea of trying to find some way of attaching the stereo to the accelerator pedal (meaning the beats per minute of the music increases or decreases with the speed of the vehicle).  However, that would be way too complicated.

I realise this idea would need to be cleared by the Police before it was put into practice (just to make sure it could be made legal) but it is extremely simple..

Fit every vehicle in existence with a bar of disco lights on the roof.  When the volume dial of the stereo system is high enough for the music to be hear with the windows shut the disco lights would automatically be switched on.  The disco lights would have the same brightness as your average blue flashing lights on an Emergency Services vehicle - this would ensure the general road crossing public would be able to judge the speed of the oncoming vehicle just by looking at the disco lights as the vehicle travelled towards them.

This idea may sound a little drastic (and I admit there are more than a few probable legal challenges connected with it) but I am sick of playing "Guess the speed of the car" whenever I want to cross a road. 

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