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And The Award For The Most Obvious Identification Goes To... (Or - Maybe I Should Speak About Myself In The Third Person In Future???)
I know that the fact I answer to my Christian name as well as two nicknames can be confusing (even I get confused sometimes).  What makes it worse is both my nicknames (the ones for "public" consumption anyway) appear in any English dictionary you wish to read - just look up "Ink" and "Inky".

Tonight I was involved in a slightly surreal conversation involving two other people and a pair of glasses (which someone else had thought were mine but weren't).

Now - an explanation may be needed as to why I thought it was surreal.

The way the conversation started was - I was talking to one of my friends when someone walked up with a pair of glasses and said, "These have been left behind.  They might belong to Inky.".

Admittedly the lady who brought the glasses had never been introduced to me (although - the people who told her they might have been mine could have given her a very accurate description of me - due to the fact that all three of them had spoken to me this evening).

Inky's response was, "I have got my glasses on."  That was a bit obvious for two reasons really - the first being that I was in fact wearing my glasses - the second being that there was no way on Earth that I could have walked from the room I had been in to my location at the time of the conversation without crashing into anything (however, the lady wasn't to know that reason).

Now - I don't know about you but - if I hear my nickname I will answer.  Even better, I will make any comments or remarks about myself in the first person - just to clarify exactly who I am talking about.

I could have said, "Inky is wearing her glasses", and either sounded like a pretentious idiot or sounded like I was suffering from a split personality.  Or merely left the other lady wondering how I knew Inky was wearing her glasses.

Even though I thought I had made it crystal clear that I was in fact the "Inky" in question - mainly by (a) replying to her query with "I am wearing my glasses" and (b) wearing my glasses - her next question threw me.

"Are you Inky?".

You do not want to know the list of sarcastic replies to that question which went through my mind (and remained unspoken).  The reply she got was a simple "yes".

I think I have told you before about a Science Teacher I had in my last two years of Secondary school who never actually called me by my Christian name once.  He didn't even hazard a guess at it.  He had somehow found out that I answer to "Ink" (probably through the people I was sitting with using that nickname and me answering them).  He proceeded to use that all through my time in his class (and when he saw me afterwards).

What he should have done was at least make a stab at my Christian name - or asked me if I minded him calling me by my nickname (and my reply would have been - actually I mind very much - I find it very disrespectful from a teacher).

Of course - the fact you see "Ink" and/or "Inky" on my blog (and as part of my Twittername @Inkyworld) means you are free to use either of them to attract my attention.

However, I will never introduce myself in person as either of those (unless you have shown absolutely zero sign of being able to remember my name after the tenth attempt - in which case "Call me Ink" is usually seen as a last resort).

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