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The Romance Of The History Of Money (Or - How I Know You Probably Own A Peice Of Dutch History!)
I can just about remember being able to buy a 10p mix (a bag of sweets costing 10 New Pence) with a 2 shilling coin.  I can also just about remember being present when my Mum fed a payphone with 1 shilling coins in order to ring somewhere (they seemed to be interchangeable with coins worth 5 New Pence).

My Grandparents used to tell me about the old pre-decimal money in England - in fact, there is a stash of it somewhere that I really need to sort out.

Being born in the latter part of 1973 I missed the conversion from "Librae, solidi, and, denari" (otherwise known as "Pounds, shillings and pence") to decimal currency by a couple of years.

Apparently the pre-decimal money had really interesting names for some of the coins.

That last sentence reminds me of something.

Remember that in the second part of the title to this blog post I said I know you probably own a peice of Dutch history???

What would you say if I told you it involved a "dubbeltje" - without which you would not be able to play music on a certain object (or use it to watch films, or even load certain programmes onto your computer)???

My favourite coins - (left to right - 2 and a half Guilders, 1 Guilder, 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents)

As you can see - the above coins are pre-Euro currency.  However, one of them has left a trace (literally) in an object which is still in use today.

Allow me to introduce you to their names;

2 and a half Guilders was known as a "Rijksdaalder".

1 Guilder was known as a "Gulden"

25 cents was known as a "Kwartje" (nearest equivalent in English would be the US Quarter coin).

10 cents was known as "Dubbeltje"

5 cents was known as "Stuiver".

So, you are looking for an object you could fit an original Dutch 10 cent coin into.

Apparently the inventor of the Compact Disc wanted something to trace round so he could get the hole in the middle of the disc and the first thing which cane into his head was an old Dutch 10 cent coin (or "Dubbeltje").

Below you will see evidence of the result.

Compact Disc with "Dubbeltje" in centre hole

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