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When Innovation Ends Up With A Solution Looking For A Problem (Or - Why Not All Innovation Is Good)
I would like to thank Gemma Pettman for partly inspiring this blog post through our Twitter discussion this week.

There has been a lot of fuss about such buzzwords as "do more with less", "think outside the box", and (my least favourite) "innovation", in the news over the past few years.

However, I am still waiting for someone to point out the obvious.

"Innovation" is only a good thing when the results provide a solution to the problem you had to start with.  In order for this to happen the innovators really need to agree on what they are trying to achieve before they start.

(Yes - I do realise that some really good innovations were the results of experiements which had failed - but they were few and far between.)

We really need to get the right people involved at the beginning.  These would be the people who have personal knowledge of the problem they are trying to solve.  More to the point - they need uptodate knowledge of the problem.

They also need something else - which I fear is lacking in the modern way of "Innovation" - an ability to listen to people who have gone before them and made mistakes without taking their ideas as the absolute "Gospel" truth.

In short, I really think that "conversation" should be seen as a cornerstone for "Innovation".  Learning from the past, as well as the present, could give us a tiny glimpse into the future.

I remember watching "Blue Peter" in the early 1980's - where they showed how they imagined the year 2000 to be like.  Put it this way - I am glad I am not dressed head to toe in aluminium foil.

"Back To The Future" was a slightly more successful glimpse into 2015 - even if they didn't predict a couple of major invention.

I know we cannot predict the future - and (if you ask me) nor should we want to - but surely we can learn from both our past and our present to build a better world for the generations after us???

So - I intend to ignore the buzzwords and just try to make life a bit easier for other people in my own way.

We can only be ourselves but we can also be a community of ideas.

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