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Blessed Are The Misfits For They Have Lived Through The Fight (Or - The Day I Realised I Could Be Free)
"You are easy to help because you don't need help.  Correction - you don't ask for help."

I suppose the above quote would leave you confused.  After all, how can someone be easy to help if they don't ask for it???  Isn't that a bit of a contradiction???

Luckily I knew what John Coster meant when he said that to me.  I had told him I was trying to find ways of funding my blogging activities which didn't need something as complicated as a Business Plan.  As a result of that he offered to have a look for some places which might be useful.

Asking for help and showing I am having difficulties are two things which I hate doing.  I have written about my reasons for that elsewhere on my blog.

This has one very amusing (for me anyway) side-effect.  People are amazed when they learn that I am severely shortsighted.  I move among you reasonably unnoticed until such a tme as you do something to make my life difficult.

Of course - there are two ways of asking for help.

The first way is the one where you try to learn from someone how to do something for yourself.

The second one is the way I hate most of all.  This translates as "can you do it for me?".

I hate the second one because it has never been an option which was open to me.

I have friends who I could be seriously jealous of (I could name at least five straight off the top of my head) because they seem to have sailed through life without any problems at all.

When I start to feel like that I think of the flipside of it.

My struggles have made me who I am.  OK so I would have preferred to live without most of them but that cannot be helped.

Yes - I can be very stubborn when I want to do something (as one person in particular knows all too well).

No - I don't trust easily - but when you gain my trust and friendship I am told that I make a very good friend.

If you want to be judged please go and find someone else to judge you because I won't - unless I know the full story that is.  I cannot sit in judgement over another person because I never know how I would react in their situation.

Being forced to stand on my own two feet has been very hard at times - bullying can come in many forms (even well-meaning people can make you feel as though you are being bullied without them realising it - if you don;t believe me just try to take over something I am doing in the guise of "only trying to help" and see how I react - you might be in for a big shock) - all of them are about control in one form or another.

You may think I am a total nutcase but it has taken me some very hard work to reach the level of nutcase I am comfortable with being at.

I am open to the oppotunity of educating you about me and my life - feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

In my opinion we can do a lot worse than be willing to learn about each other and use that information to help us with our own struggles.

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