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Feed Bellies Not Bins - And Have A Laugh While You Are At It (Or - The Real Junkfood Project Meets "Dave" Leicester Comedy Festival 2016)
As you may know by now I am proud to support two amazing Charities by donating my time and skills.  The Charities are LCiL (who I support by blogging, making my presence felt at their events, and telling people about them) and The Real Junkfood Project (who I support by doing some behind the scenes work and appearing every Thursday evening for my dinner, as well as blogging about them and telling people about the amazing work they do).

If you have some spare time on the evening of Thursday 11 February 2016, I would like to invite you to book a place at the "Feed Bellies Not Bins Comedy Club".

The event will start at 7.30pm and finish at 9.30pm.  It will be located at The West End Centre, on St Andrewes St in Leicester.  The venue is totally accessible for Disabled People (It should be - LCiL run their Social Media Cafe there on Fridays which is attended by Disabled People).

The event is a "Pay As You Feel" event with a meal included (and the guys at The Real Junkfood Project are amazing cooks).

So - you will get a brilliant meal, cooked and served by very friendly people, as well as excellent company as you dine.  Oh, and they are apparently throwing in three comedians as well.

For further details please see the link www.comedy-festival.co.uk/events /show.php - this includes contact details for The Real Junkfood Project in Leicester.

The Real Junkfood Project runs their "Pay As You Feel" Cafe every Thursday evening from 7.00pm until 8.30pm.  You can pay either with hard cold cash or by volunteering your services.  I have been asked to stress that it is not a free meal.

I hope to see you either at a normal Thursday night meal or at the comedy event - either way - you are guaranteed a great meal and good company.

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