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We All Need "Simple Solutions" In Our Lives (Or - The Day I Began To Feel Really Useful Again)
If you have followed this blog for any length of time (or even spent any time in my company) you will know that I usually manage to do something a little unusual or find some quirk in my life to explore.

My latest escapade would fit very nicely under both of the above headings.  It also has a couple of very nice added extras for me - which I will tell you about a bit later.

I suppose I should start from the beginning.

As you will know - I have been blogging since I was made redundant after 15 years as an Administration Officer at an Engineering company in South Leicestershire.

Some of you will know that I have been looking for ways to make money out of blogging (as I have no intention of going back into office work unless I absolutely have to).

Another thing which will not have escaped your notice is the fact I am passionate about disability issues as well as helping people who educate people about issues (the Real Junkfood Project - Leicester Brigade, and LCiL).

I digress.

I was on Twitter when I got in contact with a friendly Police Officer - yes - another one - who seemed to be slightly unusual.  Put it this way - he immediately made me feel comfortable tweeting him in the same way as I would tweet Julie Kirkpatrick or my other Twitter friends.  None of the initial defensiveness I usually feel with people who have the legal power to arrest me (or either order someone to shoot me or shoot me themselves).

Fast forward approximately a month.

By this time Roger Nield (the man concerned) had retired from the Police and was setting up his own company.

"Simple Solutions" sounded like an interesting concept.  When the website was up and running I learned that it was a company which would help people with running companies, etc.

What I liked most about it - and what encouraged me to put my madcap plan into action - was the fact the website made a big deal about experience (professional and otherwise) instead of showing a list of qualifications as long as my arm.

As you know - I dislike the idea of needing paper qualifications just to prove you can do something.  I much prefer the idea of being judged on my practical experience (or not) of the job concerned.

So I decided to see how serious the company was about helping people organise companies - more to the point - I decided to see if they would consider finding space for someone who has experience of the sort you don't usually find advertising itself (usually because the minute it appears on someone's CV the aforementioned CV ends up in the circular file marked "BIN".

Roger invited me to send him an email.  The email I sent him was the kind of Application letter I wish I could send to more companies without worrying about it being subjected to the treatment stated above.

In it - I told him about my background and the fact I am a blogger (as well as my sight problem).

You can probably imagine my surprise when he indicated that he was interested in having a discussion with me based on my email.

As a result of that discussion you are reading a blog post from a member of the Simple Solutions Team.  I am now doing some blogging for them.

Roger is a really friendly human who appears to share my philosophy on helping people help themselves.

After our telephone conversation - where we agreed I would join the team - I sent him an email with an attachment listing the things I wish people who are in charge of meetings and conferences would think about.  (Click to find out what those things are www.smpl.org.uk/making-meetings-accessible-for-folks-with-challenged-sight/#more-135.)

Let's face it - if that doesn't prove to anybody that I know what I am talking about when it comes to having a lifetime's experience of having a sight problem nothing will!!!

I am very much looking forward to working with Roger and his team.

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