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A Quick Explanation About "Inkyworld" (Or - Why I Refuse To Blog About One Specific Subject All The Time)
There is one question which puzzles me every single time I am asked it.

The question???

"What do you blog about?"

Unfortunately I cannot give them the answer they really want because I know they want me to stick to one topic.

If I was trying to be like some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers (blogging but on video camera instead of via the medium of the written word) I would probably pick one subject - become an expert in it - and blog about it nonstop.

Then two things would happen;

I would get bored of writing about the same thing every time I sit at my computer.


This blog would not seem like a conversation.  The tone would get very monotonous.

Oh - and - if I picked certain topics I am passionate about the blog posts would go back to reading like lectures.  I don't want to use this blog as a soapbox.  I want to be able to feel I can be open and honest with you.

I try to imagine us sitting having a cup of coffee (or a beverage of your choice) and having a fun conversation.  Maybe there is some serious stuff thrown in - maybe you learn something unexpected (either about me or about another topic) - maybe you end up laughing at something I have said or wanting to argue with meabout something.  Maybe you end up thinking about something completely differently.

I know I am not the most eloquent person on the planet - there are people who are miles better than me at writing.

However, I can guarantee you one thing (and I know this because quite a few of my personal friends have told me) - when you read this you get to know the real me a lot quicker than people who I have spoken for years (and who thought they knew me inside out).

Put it this way - I am not my own favourite subject.  In fact, I would much rather listen to your story.  You are much more interesting.  Maybe you have got an interesting accent, or you have the ability to make your job sound interesting, or any of thousands of other reasons.

You are especially interesting if you allow me to ask "Ink-style" questions and let things sink into my brain in the way which is easiest for me.

Of course - there is nothing wrong with blogging about the same topic all day, every day, if that is what you choose to do.  You might be an expert in your field who wishes to impart encyclopedic knowledge to your followers.  (The only trouble with that is - sometimes there is a tendency to get a little too technical and assume that the casual reader or viewer has a degree-level knowledge of your specialist subject.)

I admit that some of my favourite bloggers (and vloggers) do seem to spend most of their lives blogging about one subject but they are the ones who have found different "mini-topics" in their chosen field to have fun with as well.  They also break it down into nice easy chunks of learning.  Either that or I like their output because it helps me brush up on their language as well as teaching me about their chosen subject.

So - I could stick to bloggng about one subject but - have you ever had a conversation which stuck to one subject all the time???

Apart from that - blogging about different subjects helps me brush up different writing styles to suit the subjects.

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