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Even I Know That A Red Traffic Light Does Not Mean Drive As Fast As You Like Through It! (Or - Maybe We need Drastic Action Before More People Get Killed)
Apparently some bright spark has decided that the roads would be a lot safer if road markings and traffic signs were removed from the roads???

Speaking as someone who nearly got cleared up (as in knocked down or run over) twice on Monday I would definitely disagree with this argument.

In fact I would love it if there was a set of spikes at every set of trafficlights.  This set of spikes would be like those rising bollards which you get at the entrances to Pedestrianised areas to let certain traffic in and keep the rest out.  As in - they would be hidden in the ground until they were needed.

These spikes would only be activated when a vehicle approaches a red light too quickly for the vehicle to stop in front of the lights.  Not only would the spikes puncture the tyres (bringing the vehicle to a rapid halt) they would also cause a large amount of damage to both the underside of the car and the sides of the car (with varying levels of damage equivalent to the speed the vehicle approached the trafficlights at.  (If the vehicle was visibly slowing when it went through the lights the damage to the vehicle would be minimal.  If - like the the two idiots which went through separate red lights as I was waiting to cross the roads - the vehicle was travelling at nearly the national speed limit - the vehicle would be a complete writeoff and the insurance would be rendered null and void).

I know this would probably have some legal issues but I am fed up of apparently blind idiots being in charge of a flammable motorised baked bean can on wheels.  Especially when you consider that someone with my eyesight would give the DVLA a heart attack if they attempted to put in for their Provisional Licence (and - after my experience of driving a Double Decker bus at an Open Day for my local bus company several years ago - I fully understand why this is the case) because my eyesight wouldn't pass a Driving Test.

I happen to know someone who has colourblindness and they are a very safe driver (apparently the contrast between red and green in trafficlights is clear enough for them to distinguish between them) - so that is not the cause.

Maybe the idiots just need to learn patience. 

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