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Porridge And Flapjacks (Or - How A Different Mix Of Characteristics Can Have Surprisingly Similar Results)
I was having my breakfast one morning when I suddenly realised something which I found interesting.

My breakfast that morning was porridge (cheat's version which comes in a pot so all you have to do is add water).

As I was eating it I suddenly realised that - if I had chosen to put melted butter or syrup in with the oats instead of water - I would be munching flapjacks instead.

This got me thinking about a couple of friends of mine who are alarmingly similar.

I feel I should say that these two friends have never (to my knowledge) met but I know they have been in the same building at the same time - I was in the same building at the same time.

In fact, I kind of ended up liking (and trusting) one of them because they reminded me of the other one.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have met someone and ended up having to convince yourself they are not one of your friends (even when they don't look anything like them)?  Or does that only happen to me???

Both of these particular friends have a certain way of speaking to me - along with a similar accent (well, they both originate from roughly the same area - give or take a county boundary).  They both have a name in common (one has it as their middle name).  They are both the same gender.  Oh and they both appear to like reading my blog.

However, if you were to be able to look at their backgrounds and their appearance you would think they were completely different - as well as asking me how I could possibly think they are remotely similar.  However, I know there are three other things which connect them - they both share at least one hobby, their careers have involved working with people who could be described as "vulnerable", and they have both got children.

A bit like the differences between the porridge and the flapjack I suppose.  Both foodstuffs involve one ingredient.  What makes the difference is what you add to the ingredient (water or melted butter).  They both taste nice - even if one is more time-consuming to make than the other.

I am now just wondering if you could use a pot of a certain "Just Add Water" porridge mix to make the base for a cheesecake???  (The one with different sorts of grains and nuts in it.)

I am now making myself feel hungry so I think I had better finish this blog post.

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