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Anonymity, Authority, And Playing With People's Lives (Or - Be Careful What You Say Because Your Words Could Be More Harmful Than You Think)
If you know me personally you will know that I hate people who feel they can play with other people's lives and not have to face the consequences of their actions.

This may go some way towards explaining why I am absolutely fuming about how two of my friends have been treated recently (one of the situations is ongoing).  I am not going to name my friends because it is not really relevant to this blog post.  What I will say is the situations are almost exact opposite sides of the same coin.

I found out that one of my friends has had an anonymous complaint made about them regarding something in their professional life.  This complaint could potentially have lost them their job.

Now - I understand that "Whistleblowers" who uncover bad practise or seriously dangerous situations should be anonymous because they could themselves be put in great danger if their identities are revealed.

The people who should not be allowed to claim anonymity are the people who post nasty comments on websites and Social Media, and - particularly - the people who decide that because someone has upset them they are going to put in a serious complaint about them over the slightest thing which may cause them serious distress.

I have put my real name on this website for the simple reason that I am prepared to stand by every word I type.  If I have something bad to say about someone I will tell that person face-to-face if at all possible.


Well - I know what it is like for people to be nasty to or about you without fear of any comeback on them.  I even worked for someone exactly like that.  His only problem was that he was the kind of person who thought the world was beneath him - he didn't even bother hiding his dislike for most of the humans he came across.

The other friend is being told one thing by one group of people and another thing by another group of people - neither of which are actually giving them the help they need to make proper decisions about a serious and ongoing situation they find themself in.  So my friend is getting rather stressed out by it all.

If only people thought before they spoke or wrote anything in a comments section.

My Mum had a great poster at my Dad's house on that very subject.  The poster was written in German (and I cannot remember the whole thing) but I remember the first line translates into "If you speak - speak out of Love".

Maybe we would all do well to remember that.

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