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Sponges Can Only Absorb So Much - Why Be Absorbed With Yourself??? (Or - As Public Image Ltd Sang "There's Something Wrong With Human Nature"!)
As I begin to type this blog post I am listening to one of my favourite songs "Time Goes By" by a (currently extinct) Dutch group called City To City.  The lyrics are basically about someone who feels very sorry for themself.  I thought this was very appropriate for a reason which will become clear as we go along.

I am getting seriously worried about the world we live in these days - as in the world as portrayed by the Media (both the Mainstream lot and Social Media).

When we are not being deluged with images of the so-called "Perfect" person we are being told we should consider ourselves to be the best thing ever invented.  After all, we deserve that high-powered job, that model partner (and I am speaking literally), that expensive car - seemingly just for existing.

I was reading an article on the Guardian website asking if we were becoming too narcistic (or we were starting to love ourselves that little bit too much).  You sill have to find your own "Psychology Wizard" to explain exactly what "Narcissim" is - I thought it was to do with that flower which looks like a daffodill but apparently it is a proper psychological or psychiatric disorder.

The flip side to the "self-love" we are supposed to drown ourselves in is (in my opinion at least) slightly more dangerous.  All the "perfect" images we see - as well as the throwaway comments of "Celebrities" like Edwina Currie and the endless exhortations to eat more of something one minute and less of the same thing the next - has a disasterous impact on the wellbeing of those people with low self-esteem.

I have blogged before about the scars I have got from the operation to mend the hole in my heart when I was a baby.  Let's just say I was very relieved when cropped tops went out of fashion.

I wish people would realise that glamourising Plastic Surgery (sorry - I decided to use my pet hate as a perfect example) in newspapers and magazines which can be read by impressionable young people (boys as well as girls) is the best way yo drain someone's self-confidence - and I should know.  You have seen enough photos of me on here to realise I will never be a supermodel.  It has taken me years to finally be comfortable with myself.  I like the way I am on the inside more than the way I look.

I found a plaque which sums up my feelings perfectly.

What gives me joy is being the best friend I can to my friends, reading and writing, learning from people, travelling (when I can), listening to my favourite songs, spending time recharging myself, and using my talents to help projects I believe in.

They might not be the things which give you joy but we all need to find a source of happiness which doesn't involve the fight for the utopia of the "Perfect" life according to someone else.

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