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How Songs Can Affect People In Unexpected Ways (Or - Time To Shuffle That Mental Playlist Again!)
I was browsing the internet on my mobile phone when I accidentally hit the "Bookmarks" tab in my browser.  In my bookmarks of weird and wonderful websites I have visited in the past I found a website I used to love visiting - before the person in charge of it decided to make it clear that - instead of being for the "Psychologically Curious" it was actually for "Psychology Professionals".  This made me feel locked out of it.  However, when I found it on my mobile phone I decided to have a rummage through it and see if I could pick up any gems.  Here now follows a blog post inspired by the gem I found.

You may have noticed that I have a habit of quoting seemingly random song lyrics in my blog posts?  These are usually when I am trying to explain something in my mind so you can (hopefully) understand it better or to illustrate a topic - mainly because the author - or lyricist - can put an idea way more coherently and eloquently than I can.

I was rummaging around in Dr Derek Lee's "Professional" website when I came across something which really made me think - just not necessarily in the way he intended his readers to think.

The page I found the gem for this blog post on is www.psychodelights.com/therapy/.  (Scroll to near the bottom of the page to find the song lyrics in question.)

(I must admit to being slightly shocked when - on asking Dr Lee if I could borrow something from his "Professional" website he didn't bother asking either what I wanted to borrow or why I wanted to borrow it.  Good job he knows me.)

The lyrics which caught my attention were strange because I immediately started singing the song - and to say I cannot stand "Love Is All Around", by Wet Wet Wet, is something of an understatement.

(You could say he has previous for this - in a slightly different way.  After reading one of Derek's blog posts on one of his various other websites I ended up having "Another Brick In The Wall", by Pink Floyd, playing on a loop in my brain.  So much so that I had difficulties getting to sleep - and he didn't even directly quote any of the lyrics - the subject of the blog just made my brain select that song from my mental playlist.)

Back to the point of this blog post though.

The lyrics are "My mind's made up by the way that I feel" - he decided to use it as a teaser for a topic about "Automatic Negative Thought - Emotional Reasoning" - However, this topic went way over my head.

So my mind went on a trundle through its own playlist and - strangely - came up with the following lyrics - "This one's lost its taste - try another flavour" from "Ant Music", by Adam and The Ants.

(As I was searching for the webpage so I could share the link with you I found another lyric connected with food - "Life is a Minestrone".  Trouble is - Derek forgot my favourite part of that song - "Served up with Parmesan Cheese".  10cc wrote some really good songs.)

Where was I???  Oh yes - I was rambling on about song lyrics and how they can have a strange effect, wasn't I???

I don't just mean songs which have a deep, personal, meaning for you either because of the situation you were in when you first heard it, or because they remind you of someone who is dead (or who might as well be dead).

I mean songs which you haven't heard for a long time which pop into your head for seemingly no reason - and you later realise why (or is that just me???).

You could say that the playlist I have got in my brain contains a wide and eclectic variety of songs - After all, I have subjected you to some lyrics from songs you have probably never heard before.  Not to mention using the title of one of my favourite songs as the title of one of the categories of this blog.

Whilst I am here I suppose I could give you a bit of an explanation of why I used the title of "Being Me", by Plaeto, as the title of what is probably the scariest category for this blog to write blog posts for.

(I was trying to find a link for it on YouTube but it no longer exists.  However, you can listen to the song on the usual platforms - Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

I love this song because it is a "take no prisoners" kind of song.  It is also a song with a bit of a twist in the lyrics.  My favourite parts are the chorus and the "Bridge".

The chorus comes into my head nearly every single time I have the pleasure of people suddenly finding out things about me which were staring them in the face all the time - if only they had looked a little deeper than the surface.

The chorus goes;

Cause I'm being me.
Before the night is over you'll be here.
But you won't see.
No you won't see.
That I know.
I know - What you've got here.
You've got me.

And the "Bridge" goes;

Since when are you far away from me?
Since when do you live on exctasy?
Since When? Take time away from me?
I've got to have control.
Since When?  No time to ease the pain.
Since When?  No fouls along the way.
Its time to move the game to another crazy day.

I don't know whether it is because I have always felt like some kind of oddity when I am around other people (and I seem to spend most of my life feeling like I have to hide my true self) or whether it is because I have grown slightly too comfortable with "mailmerging" myself into my surroundings - but the lyrics to "Being Me" seem to speak to me more and more every time I listen to that song.

It is strange how some songs make me feel more "normal" than others.

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