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Mind Expanding And Keeping Your Eyes And Ears Open (Or - How Can I NOT Be Inspired???)
Yesterday I received a rather interesting email which contained an intriguing question (I know it wasn't phrased as a question in this instance - but I have heard the same question from the sender on several occassions).  I found the question intriguing due to the fact that the email was written by part of the answer themself.

Now I have probably totally confused you I will attempt to explain what I meant.

The sender of the email wondered how I "manage to find things to write about each week in an entertaining way".

Well, I must admit that I cannot be held responsible for how entertaining you find my ramblings.  I just sit and type about things which interest, inspire, educate, anger, annoy, frustrate, entertain, and irritate me.  If I can give you a glimpse into my world in a way you find palatable I am more than happy.

So - where do I find all the subjects I write about???

The easy answer is everywhere.  Regular readers will know that I blog on a wide variety of topics.  These can be based on my past, my experience of life as I find it today, conversations I have with people (which is why I said the email was sent by part of the answer), things which puzzle me (usually connected with languages), things I read about, etc.  Seriously, the list is endless.

If I am perfectly honest though - I must admit that my favourite blog posts to write are the ones where I am able to give you my own take on things, as well as the ones where I can showcase people and ideas I believe in.

The strapline to the original "Inkyworld" blog was "A Sideways View Of Life".  People who know me personally will tell you that I am not exactly the most conventional thinker on the planet.  Put it this way - if you want an idea which would never have crossed your mind in a million years - feel free to ask me for my help with a problem you have got.

My only hope is that you at least manage to follow some of my more "sideways" trains of thought.  Even if you wouldn't come to the same conclusions yourself.

For me - life is about learning from people we meet and situations we find ourselves in.  If I can entertain you along the way - even if I am rambling on about hard-to-talk-about topics or topics you may not find interesting at first glance - I will be very happy indeed.

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