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Why Dinosaurs Are Not As Extinct As Yoy Might Have Thought We Were!!! (Or - When In Doubt Argue Like Crazy!(
Yes - you did read correctly! I did refer to myself as a "Dinosaur".  Apparently this term is applicable to people who do not see any sense in modernising things for no reason - especially when the things which are being "Modernised" are slowly grinding to a halt as a direct consequence of the "Modernisation".

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of arguing about something which is not really in my resume of experience - and being backed up by at least one person who did have experience of it.

I say "I had the distinct pleasure" because it was one of those instances where I could actually use my experience of something loosely connected with the subject of the argument.

This may surprise you but - according to me - there is not that much difference between being disabled and being a Police Officer.

(Don't worry - I can imagine Constable Chaos, Nathan Constable, and the rest of the UK Twittercops, now attempting to work out how to find me so they can arrest me for saying that.  I just hope they take the time to read my explanation before they set off.)

Taking myself as an example might help you understand what I mean.

Most people will take one look at me and decide that the fact I wear glasses means I can do everything the rest of the world can at the same pace and in exactly the same manner.  The poor deluded fools.

Yes - I can appear to be the same like everybody else.  In most circumstances you will see very little difference between my behaviour and the behaviour of those around me.  This is down to my "Social Training" - the first lesson of which being - "Do not draw negative attention to yourself by complaining about things you cannot fix yourself".  The second lesson is "Thou shalt find a way to be the same as everybody else even if you end up making yourself seriously poorly as a result - or even putting yourself at risk of serious injury".

This means that I usually manage to hide any difficulties I have (or find inventive ways around them).  You will very rarely get any glimpse of the struggles I have to go through sometimes.  Nor will you have any idea of the mental energy I sometimes have to expend just to fit into your world.  It is usually easier for me to take a deep breath and get on with what you want me to do - even though I would seriously love to have a 6 hour argument with you on the subject of exactly why I cannot see, or act in the way you expect me to.  (Chances are - ypu would ignore my complaints any way.)

I know what you are thinking - "that is all very well Ineke but what on Earth makes you think your sight problems have anything in common with the Police???".

Well - and I really hope the Twittercops will forgive me for saying this - The Police are trained to do two things.  They are trained to uphold the Law and arrest people who break the Law (they may be trained in differing ways of achieving these objectives - driving fast cars with blue flashing lights, or pointing firearms at them if they resist arrest - but upholding the Law and arresting those who are suspected of breaking it are their core business).

What they are not trained to do is a very long list including (but not limited to) acting as Mental Health professionals, acting as Search and Rescue on behalf of Social Services at 4.55pm on a Friday afternoon, Marriage Guidance Counselling, etc,  As in - every other service which is supposed to exist as a barrier before the Police get involved but are so stretched (and so used to calling the Police in as a first resort instead of a last resort) that the Police end up having to do those jobs anyway.

Basically - from my conversations on Twitter with a wide variety of Police humans - I get the general idea that the Police are now being forced into a position where they have to be all things to all men (and women). However, unlike the Junior Doctors, the Police do not have the option of going on strike in order to attempt to restore the balance.

A bit like me having to get on with living in your world without complaining about the numerous barriers you have a habit of putting in my way (either deliberately or unintentionally).

So you may now see that there is not that much difference between the perception of how people with disabilities are expected to behave (as in - being put in boxes they don't necessarily belong in - as a result of society's perception of Disability) and society's perception of the Police as being the "Roadsweepers" and clearing up every single problem merely because that is what we have all come to expect the Police to do.

I know I probably should not have linked two such different subjects in this blog post but I am beginning to feel nauseous and fatigued as a result of listening to arguments about them both.

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